How to Upgrade Your Laptop for Gaming

Many people love video games and most of them prefer to play on their laptops. But many gamers feel that the laptop just can’t handle the newest, most graphics-intensive games that they want to play.

And if you also find yourself in the same situation, then upgrading your laptop for gaming is the best option.

But the problem is many people don’t know how to upgrade a laptop for gaming. Don’t worry we will help you in doing so. We will teach you how to upgrade your laptop for gaming.

How to Upgrade Your Old Laptop for Gaming

We have gathered some tips that will definitely help you in upgrading your laptop for gaming. Just follow these steps and you’ll be able to enjoy your preferred games and the best gaming experience possible on your laptop. You can see the difference after upgrading your laptop for gaming.

Step By Step Guide To Upgrade Your Laptop For Gaming

It doesn’t make any difference whether you are new to gaming or a seasoned pro; it is always better to have the latest hardware to get the most out of your games. For many people upgrading their laptop for gaming is not an easy task.

But with our guidance, it can be simple and easy. The first thing you have to know is what type of games you want to play.

Some games can test your hardware seriously, so it is crucial to know what you are getting into. If you want to play the latest and greatest triple-A titles then your requirement is different and if you are more interested in independent or older games you need a different system.

When you know the types of games you want to play, look for the system requirements for those games. This is a good way to start when you look for the hardware you require.

The next thing you have to do is check whether your laptop can be upgraded or not. Most laptops do have space for extra RAM or a higher-end graphics card.

If it’s not possible to upgrade your laptop, then consider buying a new one. And when it comes to buying a new laptop, keep a few things in mind.  

Make sure that the laptop comprises sufficient power to run the types of games that you are interested in. and then, focus on the graphics card.

Most of modern games need a dedicated graphics card. And lastly, make sure that the laptop has enough storage. Most of the games eat up a lot of space,

So it’s better to have sufficient room for everything. After deciding on the right laptop, it is time to start shopping.

Don’t rush things when you are buying a laptop. So take your time and go for the best deal. And always remember to stay within your budget.

Now without wasting any time let’s discuss some points that will help you in upgrading your laptop for gaming.

I will be better when you do your research and take your time when making your decisions, and soon you will be playing all the latest games.

How to Upgrade Your Laptop for Gaming

How To Upgrade Your Laptop For Gaming

There are some steps that you have to take to upgrade your laptop for gaming. The first step is to recognize which elements need to be upgraded.

You can do this by checking the specifications of the games that you prefer to play and see which elements are insufficient.

After identifying the necessary upgrades, you have to buy these components either online or at a physical store.

Once you get these new components, if you are comfortable then open up your laptop and install them yourself or else take it to a professional for installation.

If you are comfortable with opening up your laptop, then the installation process should be very straightforward and simple. But, if you are not into technical things and do not feel comfortable doing it yourself, then it’s better to take it to a professional.

After you finish installing the new components, it’s time for you to update your drivers and make any changes that are needed in your game settings. Once you follow these steps, you will certainly enjoy a much better gaming experience on your laptop.

What Do You Need To Upgrade on Your Laptop To Make It a Good Gaming Device

When it comes to upgrading your laptop for gaming there are a few things that you need to consider. The most crucial factor is the graphics card.

Almost every gamer knows this that the graphics card is the most important thing in a gaming laptop. And rightly so as it will allow you to play the latest games on high settings, with much ease.

And one more factor is the CPU. You need a strong CPU If you want to run games on high settings. You can also think about upgrading your RAM and your storage as a decent amount of RAM is crucial for gaming.

It will help you in running your games smoothly. And when you have more games, definitely you need a lot of storage space.

So, these things are quite important when upgrading your laptop for gaming. So all you need to get is a good graphics card, a strong CPU, ample RAM, and a lot of storage space.

And most importantly check the system requirements for the games you prefer to play maybe you need a stronger laptop than you think.


Upgrading your processor is the first step when you are upgrading your laptop for gaming. This will definitely enhance your performance remarkably and allow you to play modern games.

If your laptop doesn’t comprise a dedicated graphics card, then you need to upgrade that also. Most gamers usually prefer the core i7 for their gaming laptops. The best thing about this is it is compatible with many games and it offers great performance also.

Graphics Card:

When you are upgrading your laptop for gaming a good graphics card is very essential. There are many options that are available in the market but the best cards on the market are made by Nvidia and offer exceptional performance and attributes.

How to Upgrade Your Laptop for Gaming

If your laptop doesn’t comprise a dedicated graphics card, you’ll need to install one. Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1060 is a popular choice when it comes to gaming laptops.

It’s not that much expensive and offers outstanding performance. But if you don’t have any budget issues, you can also consider upgrading to a stronger model.


Memory is also very crucial as it allows the computer to store information and run programs evenly. If your laptop comprises only 4GB of RAM, then you have to upgrade it to at least 8GB.

You can also upgrade your hard drive to an SSD also. This will enhance loading times and overall performance. A 1TB SSD is more than enough for gamers, but if your budget allows, you can also get a larger one.

Software Requirements and Operating System:

When upgrading your laptop for gaming the operating system and software requirements of the games you prefer to play is very crucial so think about it.

Most of the time games need particular versions of Windows or other operating systems, so you have to know whether your laptop can meet those requirements or not before you try to play them.

And some games may also need specific types of software, like a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card.


If you want your gaming laptop to be in top gaming condition above are the few upgrades you can make. We have tried our best to outline the most crucial one for you. So read thoroughly and then start.

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