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Are you a left-handed gamer looking for the best left-handed best gaming mouse in 2022? Find out what’s available to you as a left-handed gamer.

If you are left-handed you are one of the 10% of people that are left-handed in the world. Pretty special right and unique right?

So Here are Some of the Best Gaming Mouse

Well not in the world of gaming. Like most other items on the planet specialist left handed items are hard to come by and sadly that is the case for left handed gaming mice.

Apparently 10% is too niche a market for many gaming mice makers to dive into. Frustrating if you are a lefty, you are left with limited left hand gaming mice options, use ambidextrous mice or forced to use and learn to game with right handed mice.

Sadly to say, if you are wanting a fully-fledged left-handed gaming mouse the choices are very limited. In this article, we will run through what gaming mouse options there are available and what is the best left-handed gaming mouse.

So what’s available?

What is Mouse Acceleration?

So, what is mouse acceleration? Well, this topic has drawn a lot of attention in most online forums. While most argue that mouse acceleration is generally bad for gaming, some still feel that it’s an important setting that should not be underestimated.

Basically, mouse acceleration refers to a mouse setting that changes the distance moved by the pointer in reference to speed. A simple analogy should explain this. Move your mouse from point X to point Y slowly and mark the distance travelled by the pointer on the screen.

Now, move the mouse again from X to Y, but this time faster, and note the distance travelled by the pointer. With acceleration on, the pointer moves a greater distance when the mouse has moved faster and a smaller distance when the mouse is moved slowly between the same points, X and Y.

There are Two Types of Mouse Acceleration.

  • Positive acceleration: this means that the faster you move your mouse, the farther the cursor will travel on the screen. Thus, increased mouse movement results in an increased pointer/cursor movement. Most operating systems come with this setting and can be accessed under mouse settings.
  • Negative acceleration: it’s basically the opposite of positive acceleration. The faster your mouse moves, the less the distance travelled by the pointer and vice versa. It’s not common and can only be used in specific applications and games.

In the world of gaming, accuracy and consistency are key attributes that define a professional gamer, attributes that are hard to achieve with mouse acceleration turned on.

Though debatable, most gamers recommended no mouse acceleration to achieve precision and accuracy, especially when playing more competitive games. In Windows, this can be achieved by un-checking the enhanced pointer precision under pointer options.

On the other hand, I would say that it’s a setting that depends on a person’s choice and preference. For instance, a gamer who normally uses no mouse acceleration will definitely find it difficult to aim in a mouse acceleration environment.

What is Polling Rate?

Understanding the difference between polling rates and DPI can make a world of difference in your gaming experience. Polling rates are often confused with a gaming mouses DPI.

This can cause a decrease in overall performance and understanding of how your mouse works. Below we will explain in detail what your polling rate is and how it differs from a gaming mouses DPI.

So what is Polling Rate?

Your mouse’s polling rate or level is how frequently its messages back to your computer. These measurements are measured in units labelled HZ.

If a mouse has an HZ rate of 200 HZ, this means it reports back to your computer 200 times per second. A mouse with a higher HZ will often result in more accurate movements and responses. These are vital settings for any gaming mouse.

Gaming Mice with advanced polling rates will often allow you to set them at the level you wish. This lets you find what settings work best for your game and environment. Some mice even come with built-in buttons that let you switch profiles while on the move. This allows you to swap back and forth depending on the situation or environment you are in.

Where DPI is dependent on your game and screen resolution, HZ is a consistent rate that is paired with your CPU.

One of the key points to remember is that with higher HZ comes a higher demand for your CPU. Simply put, the higher your setting the more resources are needed to communicate with and run the mouse.

It’s important that you find a polling rate and dpi setting that not only work well together but that work well for you. These higher levels often come with a very steep learning curve. With practice and time devoted anyone can get the most out of their gaming mouse.

What is DPI in Your Gaming Mouse?

What is DPI?

If you’ve been shopping for a new gaming mouse there’s no doubt you’ve seen and heard of DPI. So what is DPI? DPI is touted as one of the main features in almost every mouse, the information can sometimes be misleading.

Below we will discuss the benefits of higher DPI and whether or not they really make a difference. Helping you to pick the best-suited mouse for your desired setting.

Dots Per Inch also known as DPI is one of the most advertised features in gaming mice. The DPI is a general measurement of how fast your mouse responds to external stimuli.

A mouse with a higher DPI will react not only faster but will also react to smaller and more precise movements.

Although DPI is very important for all gaming mice, too much of a good thing can still be bad. The last thing a gamer wants is their mouse cursor flying all over the screen in every direction. It’s important to get a feel for your mouses DPI and to practise with different settings.

One of the great benefits of the increased sensitivity is the direct translation into improved accuracy. Improved accuracy can make all the difference in a fast-paced setting or game.

If you find that the DPI of your gaming mouse is too high, you can try to pair it with a low-sensitivity setting. This gives you the precision you need, but with a smoother and altogether friendlier response.

A high DPI mouse paired with a low sensitivity setting helps to ensure that the cursor won’t fly across the screen when you need it to be stable. For a larger resolution screen, High-DPI gaming mice can make all the difference.

The ability to move long distances with little relative movement can be the difference between success and failure. The key point is to always test your settings before jumping into a task.

Left Handed Best Gaming Mouse

It is great to see another one of the major gaming mice makers come to the party and create one of their high-quality products for both left and right-handed gamers.

Though this mouse is not a purely dedicated left-handed mouse it certainly caters extremely well for the left-handed gamer. Not only that it comes with the high quality that Logitech is known for.

An excellent feature of this particular mouse of which there are many is the fact that it is a wireless-capable mouse. No more messing around with cords should you prefer it that way and the wireless connection is more than adequate as the mouse is used by professional gamers,

So you know there is little to no lag. You will be able to get up to 30 hours of game time on a single charge which is great for those gaming marathons.

It uses the high-quality PMW3366 Optical Gaming Sensor which is considered one of the best sensors available today. With a DPI range of 200-12000, you will have more than enough to suit your needs.

As with Logitech products, you get their fantastic software and extremely customizable colours and features but probably the best this about this mouse is the fact you are physically able to customize the buttons.

So should you have a right-handed player and a left-handed player in your house, you are able to change the buttons on the mouse physically to suit. You could have a left-handed, ambidextrous or right-handed setup should you want it. It is good to have options and that is what this mouse offers.

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