Merax High Back 8 Chair

You are a skillful gamer. You spend much time training your gaming ability. The feeling, which is tired and painful, always affects you during gaming.

I see your sense, so I have a helpful recommend for you.  The Merax High Back 8 of the Merax is the best gaming chair on market.

This chair, which is manufactured with the highest standard, satisfies yours requirements for convenience and comfort.

You will realize these wonderful things while using this chair. Both your health and your gaming skill will be improved so much. My gaming chair review will give the specific information of the chair to you.

High Quality

Your faith is always the purpose to help Merax to create wonderful chairs. Therefore, the High Back 8 owns an excellent design, which is Ergonomic, makes you comfortable.

You will feel like this chair is designed for you. It completely fits your body and helps you to keep in a right posture. This is possible with the best gaming chair.

Moreover, it is used with the highest quality synthetic leather and is padded densely, so you surely feel relaxed while playing games or working within many hours. The surface is resilient to bring more comfort when sitting in it.

Especially, when you are in an interesting gaming race and enjoy snacks and candies, you often spread food stains on the chair.

These stains are hard to clean. However, this thing is no matter with the High Back 8. The synthetic leather is easy to help you to wipe them out. Your chair will be spotless, so you will be comfortable in any gaming race.

Do you know? Time is an obvious witness to product quality. Due to the durable metal frame structure, the High Back 8 ensures durability for years to come. You will not waste much money buying other new ones and trust to use them in security.

The adjustment

The greatest thing is the tilt mechanism of the High Back 8. You can adjust in order that the chair reclines from 90 degrees to 180 degrees and is locked at any angle you want. This capability combines with sliding out the footrest for super relaxing.

Perfectly, when you want to take a break after playing games a long time, it is like a bed so that you can sleep immediately in it.

Moreover, the rocking function helps it to be tilted up to 12 degrees. It is also lockable in the upright position to prevent it from rocking. That is amazing for anyone using it.

I am sure that you will be more surprised about the armrest ability of the Merax High Back 8. The arms can be adjusted up and down to fit the height you want.

Besides, you still can change the angle of the arm cap. Due to the twisted arms, you are easy to drive the armrests which can turn left or right smoothly.

Durable casters of the chair are also more innovative than other ones on market. They simulate car wheels, so you will really have real racing experiences. You are easy to move smoothly and quickly.

Besides, the High Back 8 completely satisfies you because the movement is extremely quiet, safe, and firm. I think that this thing is more wonderful than your expectation.

Customer Reviews and Scores

On the Amazon web, the High Back 8 of the Merax got a rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 and a total of 189 customer reviews.

These numbers are not much but they also show that the chair quality is good. Many customers believed and used it.

They feel happy and comfortable when experiencing this wonderful chair. I think that they had the right decision. You also can have that by following reviews to understand more about the chairs of the Merax.


Honestly, anything has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if you are so tall, the footrest will not fit you. It is short and not adjustable.

Sadly, the metal brackets that hold the footrest have quite sharp corners, so you can be scratched. These things also do not deny the dominant features of the High Back 8.


In general, the High Back 8 of the Merax is the best gaming chair that deserves to choose. The quality and the standard are factors to make the famous brand of Merax on market.

The convenience and flexibility of the chair always satisfy you. Therefore, you will feel safe when using the Merax High Back 8. Many people chose this chair, so why do not you take it right now?

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