Paintball Gun Buying Guide: Things To Look For When Buying A Paintball Gun

You have lot of options when you look for a paintball gun. However, in spite of having several choices to pick from, you should take your time and escape rushing your decision. It is always required to be learned and sharp whenever you decide anything. Be a smart buyer of the best cheap & Best Paintball Gun by knowing these factors.


One crucial aspect that will decide the standard of a nominally priced paintball gun is the material used in its overall making. The good thing about this type of gun is that it is not at all menacing. As most of them are made of plastic material, you just have to examine the standard, longevity, and power of the gun before you buy.

One more important thing to look out for is that the material should not be too heavy, to lessen the threat of blocking your actions when you are on the paintball field. The material should be firm and top in quality but its price should not be too high.


It is always better to get used to the familiar styles and types of paintball guns that are in your budget.

You can use these guns if you want to play the paintball game on a speedball, or a systemized field, or in the woods.

The best thing about the woodsball gun is that it is both precise and well-planned. It is perfect for long playing periods. What’s more, it is appropriate for taking long shots also.

You have the option of a speedball gun as well. This type of paintball gun is basically built for high-speed paintball.

As it’s very swift and can shoot several shots in just one round. As its name says, it is particularly designed for speedball players.

There are other guns also that you can pick but those are built for scenario games if you are into these types of paintball game and wants to compete in them.

You can use this gun in any given situation in a game where there is a chance of lasting for several weeks. It is very identical to the weapons used in the military. This gun is very solid and looks like a real gun.

Shooting Power:

If you are passionate about the paintball game, you will get a paintball gun. And you will hardly think about the affordability of it, just to have outstanding shooting power.

This is the reason that you have to look out for the guns, that have been introduced to you can provide such an advantage or not.

Go for a paintball marker or gun that can shoot even a far-off target exactly and should be swift enough.

To get better shooting power it’s better to examine the specifications of the product before you buy. It will help you in gauging the shooting power and ability of your selected paintball marker or gun.


Don’t forget to look how heavy is the paintball gun that you are thinking to buy. As it will have a huge say on your overall performance.

It is always tough to move around with too heavy equipment. For this reason, the one which features a lightweight design is always the best pick. The standard weight is around only 3 lbs. or less.


When you talk about a paintball gun it should be customizable. It’s quite obvious that different paintball players also have numerous preferences in the guns they use.

So it’s better to have one that can be easily customized. Being customizable means its ability to adapt to the different situations that may come within the game.


The paintball gun’s total functionality matters a lot, but it’s good to have a paintball gun with an ultra-modern look. Many prefer a tactical look.  

As it gives you the feeling that you are in a war game, and the tactical aesthetics of the gun allows you to camouflage as soon as the game begins. With that, your enemies will be confused and it will be tough for them to spot you.

Firing Rounds:

This one is quite crucial as you must know the number of rounds that your selected paintball gun can fire within a minute.

Go for a gun that has the capacity of firing several paintballs every minute. It will be very helpful, particularly when you have several rivals whom you wish to fire.

If you want to know about the standard then the gun is ideal enough if it can fire a minimum of 12 rounds every minute.


We know how tough it is to pick a paintball gun that has good features and is economical also. So we have done our part now. We know there are a number of paintballing products at hand today; picking the best paintball gun under your budget is no longer that difficult.

As we have mentioned above a list that has the best paintball guns that are of top-notch quality. Just do a little bit of research and read out the things that we have mentioned above. You will be all good to pick the best paintball gun.

Here are Some of the Best Paintball Guns (Paintball Gun Buying Guide):

It happens very often that after playing paintball a several times with plagiarized or hired equipment, you’ve enjoyed it so much that you wanted to purchase your first gun. Now, it’s a tough decision though but you have to pick the best.

Before getting a paintball gun, it’s better to go through all the gun reviews and examine the gun manufacturers’ websites to know about the features guns. But before you start ask yourself a few questions it will help you in your decision-making.

Pay Rent or Buy:

Normally an overall standard setup for paintball can cost you around $70 to $120. If you want you can have a full set of equipment for $10 to $20 a day as many stores rent out these things.

Meaning if you are using your gun once or twice a year, it will take minimum six years to pay for the cost of the equipment as contrast to hiring, and with time, your equipment would become ancient.

But if you can use your equipment three to four times a year, then it is good to buy much economical equipment.

What’s your Budget For Paintball Gun?

If you are into playing paintball and play twice a month, then don’t ever think of buying a cheap gun as it is very difficult to upgrade it and they are not that good also, to start with.

For instance, the Brass Eagle Striker is a very nominal priced gun and that is quite elegant, but if you look at the performance it will not be a high-speed, exact, or compatible gun.

It’s fine if someone is playing occasionally but, it is not perfect for someone who plays more often and wants to enhance. But if you look at the Striker it is outstanding for someone who plays three times every summer.

Which one is Good a Low-End or Medium-Range Paintball Gun?

If you are assertive enough that you will be playing a lot of paintball, then think carefully if you want to start with a lower-end gun or a medium-range gun.

As most of the guns cost around $60 to $150 and that’s quite decent for most players. These guns are attested, extensible, and will be suitable for any paintball activity for years.

What if Your Paintball Gun Breaks?

It’s not good but the fact is paintball guns do break. So before you purchase a gun, it’s quite sensible to know how much it costs to fix.

A $30 gun may cost you around $18 to change the air hose. So before purchasing it’s always better to go through the entire manufacturer’s specifications to know about how tough it is to fix your gun. And whether you need a specialist or you can do it on your own.

What Kind of Paintball you are into?

If you are much into scenario games or woodsball, then it’s better to opt for a gun that is built to act up like a rifle with the power to fasten a stock. Don’t think about the size it’s not that important as long as it is plush and resistant.

Shiny colors are usually not suitable for woodball play. For speedball, smaller is reasonable. Look for a firm gun, which should fit close to your body, as it helps to hug up against bunkers and shoots very swiftly. And if you are looking for speedball, you can think of a shiny gun.

If you want to enjoy both woodsball and speedball, think of a small gun that can help you to stock when you play in the woods.​

After deciding to buy a paintball gun the question is which one is the best. So let’s look at the best paintball guns that are available on the market.

how does a paintball gun work?

Paintball guns work by firing a small paintball out of the gun. The paintball is filled with a dye that is designed to break on contact and leave a mark on the player or object that it hits.

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Things To Look For When Buying A Paintball Gun

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Things To Look For When Buying A Paintball Gun

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Best Paintball Guns on Amazon: Tippmann Custom 98 at a Glance (Editors Choice)

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  • High Customizability
  • Most Rented Marker in the World
  • Affordable Yet Reliable
Things To Look For When Buying A Paintball Gun

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Things to Remember Before You Play Paintball (Paintball Gun Buying Guide)

Paintball is a fun and healthy activity that you can play with your friends, however, it is important that you take the safety aspect of it seriously so that no one gets hurt.

Getting hit with a paintball even at some distance will leave a bruise even if you are wearing thick clothes.

You must wear the necessary protective equipment. While there are quite a few pieces of protective equipment that you can use to keep yourself from getting hurt, the number one most important item is your mask.

You should ensure that you have a good quality mask that fits you well before you even purchase your first paintball marker.

You can still have an enjoyable experience using the rental paintball guns from the park that you are visiting, however, a bad mask can easily ruin the day’s fun and it’s unhygienic to use the standard masks that are offered at most paintball parks.

Best Paintball Guns on Amazon

This article is the first in a series of reviews that will closely scrutinize some of the most popular and reliable paintball markers on the market.

To start such a series, I could have no better choice than to start with the Tippmann Custom 98 marker.

Many Elite players started their journey with the 98 Custom. As a result, it has earned a name for itself as one of the best choices for anyone who is thinking about purchasing their first paintball marker.

Tippmann is a brand that is famous for producing high quality markers that are celebrated for their rugged durability. I can attest to this; the 98 Custom was the first marker played with when I got into paintball.

If you have ever used a rental marker from a paintball park, you most likely have used the Tippmann 98 Custom.

Easy to maintain and clean, many players who purchase the Tippman 98 Custom keep this marker for years.

Thanks to the addition of plastic caps on the ends of the sear on modern productions of the 98 Custom, it is able to last even longer than was previously possible, making this a true workhorse of a marker.

The inline bolt system, while often blamed for the higher recoil that you might experience when firing this marker has been proven to prevent a significant amount of wastage during the firing process. This means that you will use less CO2 per shot.

Tippmann produces mainly markers for the woodsball and military simulation market these days, with models similar to real-life firearms. 

While many of the other Tippmann models are capable of being fed with either a hopper or magazines, the 98 Custom can only be hopper fed. Don’t let this get you down though, the Tippmann 98 Custom is a highly customizable paintball marker.

Extremely Customizable

As a broke teen when I first got into paintball, I sure am lucky that I decided to go with the Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun.

Not only did it serve me well even though I dropped it many times and even through it in frustration once, but it still fired almost as good as new even though I almost never cleaned it! Thankfully, I treat my markers better these days

As I started to become more serious about paintball, I needed to upgrade my equipment, but I was not sure that I needed to purchase a whole new marker just yet.

That is when I thanked my lucky stars that I chose the Tippmann 98 Custom as my first marker. You see, as it turned out there are loads of upgrades and accessories for the 98 Custom.

How Does it Fare in the Field?

I decided to put the Tippmann 98 Custom to the test the only really way you can- by unleashing a barrage of paint on my friends. So, what are my thoughts, using the 98 Custom again after such a long time?

It’s good. That’s all I can give it. It is a reliable marker and shockingly durable, but this is 2020 and there are some other very good entry level markers available on the market.

The 98 Custom may be a bit heavier than some of the newer beginner’s markers, but when you consider all the jumping, rolling, and crawling that you are going to be doing while holding this marker, you will be grateful that it is so sturdy.

Some woodsball players do not like the fact that it only comes with an eight-inch stock barrel. However, this does make it easier to maneuver through the woods without getting your marker caught on anything.

However, since you can easily swap the stock barrel out for one of your preferred sizes, this isn’t an issue.  

If you choose to take the 98 Custom into battle with you, there really is no alternative to Ninja when it comes to compressed gas. The Ninja 48 cubic inch/ 3000PSI tank is ideal.

So Should You Buy this Paintball Gun?

The Tippmann 98 Custom is a durable and trustworthy marker that has served the paintball community for over two decades.

While there is no denying that there are several other entry-level markers that are strong competitors of the 98 Custom, it is a marker that will continue to introduce the new generation of paintball players to this exciting game!

When you consider how affordable and reliable this marker is, it is an excellent marker for beginner to intermediate players. But don’t just take my experience with the marker for it.

You can see what other people who have bought the Tippman Custom 98 paintball gun though about it here.

Buy the Tippmann 98 Custom Online

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