Puregadgets Beanbag Game Chair

Puregadgets has decided that what the world needs is a leather beanbag high-back gaming chair that actually can seat an adult comfortably. At around £50 it is one of the more affordable home entertainment chairs on the market today.

Puregadgets also back this chair with a handy lifetime guarantee. We took a look at it to see just how good this beanbag gaming chair could be for gaming enthusiasts.

Excellent Build Quality

The Puregadgets gaming chair has many different features integrated into it. Much like the i-eX offering, this is a floor bean bag with a formed and raised back.

It comes pre-filled and has a structured zip-over cover in faux ivory leather. The seams are all double stitched and the zippers are hidden for a sleeker look.

The control panel is located on a panel set into the right hand side of the product. It features lever controls, control switches, USB and stereo plug ports that will make this bean bag gaming chair compatible with most of the popular gaming systems around today (PS4, Xbox One).

It can also be connected to an iPod for use as a music chair. The sound system is integrated into the closed-filled inner shell with speakers mounted on the facing side of the back. There is also a double-stitched handle located at the top.

We should also point out that the product is available in multiple colors such as Red, blue, green, brown, purple, and black.

The first thing you will love is that it is big – bigger than most beanbags you have seen before. The chair covers 104cm of floor space and is wide enough, and tall enough, to sit a 6-foot adult comfortably.

The second thing you will love about this unit is that it comes pre-filled – so no lengthy set up needed. From there you can move into appreciating the high-quality speakers and sub-woofer that powers the sound system,

The easy-to-manage control panel and the overall styling. A nice – albeit small – touch is that it also has a handle on it. This makes it easy to move to wherever you need it to be with relative ease.

Easy To Adjust To

The seat of the chair may be a little narrower than what you may be used to and may take some time to get accustomed to, but most people who stick it out adapt quickly and come to prefer how the chair lets you also use your legs for extra movement and support.

The only other common complaint about this gaming chair is that the beans settle and it loses shape at times – all it takes to fix this issue is to use the handle to turn it upside down and shake it back to its optimal condition.

The simplest way to sum up this chair is to say that if you are a grown up, you need a grown up’s chair to play games.

The Puregadgets leather beanbag gaming chair has style, functionality and a great price to boot. It is easy to clean, you don’t have to fill it and it is designed to help you enjoy everything your home entertainment system has to offer. It is a great choice for those on a budget.

Gioteck RC5 Review

If you are into gaming on a serious level, then one of the most important accessories you need for your gaming system is a professional gaming chair.

The Gioteck RC5 takes gaming chairs to the next level by leaving the bean bag style well and truly behind allowing you to play your favorite games in true comfort and style.

At about £130 (with free shipping in the UK*), this isn’t a purchase to take lightly, so we took a closer look to see if the RC5 delivers on its promise to be the best professional gaming chair around at the moment.

RC5 Features

The Gioteck RC5 stands on a pedestal base and the race car style seat has an integrated touchpad control system on the right seat side.

The back of the seat is molded for a contoured fit with a faux leather edging and cloth middle section at the back of the unit. There is a powerful rumble subwoofer that is built into the seat and the side speakers are located on the backrest face of the headrest.

There are both USB and standard plug adapters that allow the chair to be used with multiple gaming systems such as the PS3 and 4, Wii, Xbox 360, and a variety of PC/DVD games.

You can also play MP3s through the sound system built into the chair when you’re not enjoying your favorite video games.

What are the advantages of the RC5 Pro Gaming Chair?

Being off the floor to play a game adds a whole new dimension to the experience. You feel like you are in control, and right in the middle of the gaming environment. The base is solid and stable but can handle movement well.

The contour-fit backrest holds you in place while the lack of armrests lets you handle the controller freely and without any restrictions.

The touchpad controls are easy to reach and much more precise than the traditional lever-style controls. The other advantage of the Gioteck is that the sound system not only sends a rumble through your bones, but the speakers are of very high quality, offering you an immersive experience every time.

What are the disadvantages of the RC5 Pro Gaming Chair?

The upright position of the chair can take a lot to get used to if you are more accustomed to the bean bag sling back posture of cheaper gaming chairs. For some people, it is a transition that just can’t be made.

If all you are playing is Super Mario, posture doesn’t make a difference; but if you are engaged in a game where you need your wits about you (think the Call of Duty series) – this is a posture you need to get used to if you are to have any chance of staying alive!

Is this the right gaming chair for you?

While not the most expensive professional gaming chair in the market, the Gioteck RC5 is definitely one of the best.

The versatility of being able to use the chair with multiple gaming systems and media input makes it a winner no matter what way you look at it. If you’re looking for something a little less expensive then we would recommend you look at the X-Rocker chair.

Executive Swivel Chair by Deuba

It seems like you only have two choices when it comes to office chairs, computer PC chairs that are fully adjustable but uncomfortable, or swivel desk executive chairs that are ergonomically padded and won’t fit near a desk at all.

This swivel executive office chair by Deuba promises to be the perfect hybrid between the two types.

Even better, it offers the best of both worlds for approximately £75. The question for this review is whether or not it works the way it promises. If it does, this could be a game changer in the industry.

The features of this swivel desk chair

This chair features a full tilt and recline system that is built into the seat base and is controlled by ergonomic handles that are easily reached while the user is sitting down.

The tall seat rest is contoured and has two cutouts near the shoulders to promote airflow. The fabric is soft, durable faux leather and the padding is dense foam. The armrests are curved, fixed, and padded.

Additionally, the seat, back, and headrest can all be adjusted independently. All of this sits on a five-finger base with castors attached for easy movement.

The entire chair measures 67.5 by 61 by 118 cm. It is colored in black and grey mainly, with attractive mid-orange stripes (another gorgeous-looking office chair is the GT 500 – check that out too).

How well does it work?

The first standout feature is the actual look of this swivel executive chair. It doesn’t look like someone took a race car seat and stuck it on a wheeled base; no, this chair is designed with inspiration from racing.

The black and grey faux leather is split by two orange stripes that make the whole chair look ‘flow’.

The independent adjustment capability of the head, back, and seat allows you to position yourself perfectly for working, settle in for a long meeting or play your favorite games for hours on end.

The cutouts aren’t just for looks; they do make a difference in reducing fatigue by increasing the airflow around your body when sitting. Even the padded arms on this chair win points for ultimate comfort.

The Low Down

The chair is perfect, maybe too perfect for some. If you are married to your bad posture you aren’t going to like that this chair as it is all about ergonomic support. If you slouch in it, you are going to get uncomfortable.

This is a padded ergonomic computer PC chair for people who are invested in their health and their work. The only other complaint is the lack of color variation, but the company has recently resolved this by offering the chair in several different styles and hues.

There isn’t any valid reason not to buy this chair. It is slightly higher in price than other swivel executive desk office adjustable chairs on the market, but it earns that price with the quality it delivers. The style and comfort of this computer PC chair make it a real winner too.

GT 500 Leather Bucket Racer Chair

Coming in at a price of just under £100, and one of the few Racer Chairs to offer a 6-month warranty, the GT 500 is causing a bit of a stir within the gaming community.

Consumers worry that nothing that looks this good and is this affordable, can deliver in the workplace or gaming room.

There are a lot of promises made about the quality of its design and construction, all backed by the useful 6-month warranty. We took a look to see exactly what the GT 500 Office Racer Chair was made of.

One look at the GT and you just know you are observing a sleek, Italian design. It is modeled after actual race car seats, which are designed for maximum comfort and support.

It is one of the few contoured office chairs that have an opening in the back, right at neck height – this is important as it promotes coolness and ventilation. It also is covered with faux leather material and has removable mesh inserts.

The chair has 360-degree maneuverability, castor wheels, adjustable height and tilt, and curved arms. It measures 59 by 64 by 126 cm and weighs about 20kgs.

Taking it for a test drive

The impressive thing about the small cutout in the backrest is what a difference it makes for your ability to concentrate and sit for longer periods.

It provides a cooling area for your head – even if it doesn’t line up perfectly with your neck – that makes you realize what a great addition it is.

The faux leather is durable and cool; the removable mesh inserts are also a great idea – allowing for the insert to be washed separately.

The height and tilt range will permit this chair to fit adults of a wide range of sizes and the fixed armrests are in the right position for maximum comfort as well.

It seems like a common problem for all office chairs of late, but the wheels on the GT 500 leave a lot to be desired. They are of better quality than what you usually find, but you may still want to replace them.

This is a heavier chair than most and the construction is more solid than say the Racer 200 chair. This may cause an issue for you as lifting and turning the chair to complete the assembly can prove to be a tad difficult. Fear not though, as this slight dilemma is resolved easily enough with a helping hand.

Is this the Racer Chair for you?

For style, comfort and functionality – the 500 racer game chair delivers. That it comes at such a great price means this could be the ideal chair for most gamers and/or office workers.

It will improve the posture and ability of anyone using it allowing them to sit and focus without any unnecessary distractions or discomforts.

Replace the wheels as soon as you can and you can even hold chair races with your co-workers! If kicking between desks and rolling on the floor isn’t a high priority, the chair is perfect as it is.

Racer 200 – Game/Office Chair

Having the right work/game chair is about more than just fitting your legs under your desk. How you sit not only affects how long you can sit but your overall health as well.

The Racer 200 game chair is an original & ergonomic chair that uses the Top Lift system to deliver a quality experience – making it ideal for game playing or office work.

The RRP is about £145.00, but the current discount price is in the region of just £90, which delivers a lot of chairs for a very small price.

With all the cheaper knock-offs of this chair available, we decided to see if the original was still worth it. The answer may surprise you…

Racer 200 Review – Technical Details

This chair comes in a striking red and black fabric design, with chrome and powdered steel accents.

The frame of the chair has an ergonomic style to provide additional padding support for the head, lumbar region, and along the sides.

The Racer 200 uses the TopLift patented system for height adjustment and the open arms are curved but fixed firmly in place.

So, How Does It Hold Up?

The first thing you will love about this chair is how high the backrest runs, and how well the curved edges of the back work to hold you comfortably in a good, steady position.

With the segmented padding, your lower spine gets the extra support you need to hold good posture and reduce work (or game!) fatigue.

The fabric is easy to clean, resists stains, and doesn’t sweat – which is a real bonus. It uses the patented Top Lift system for height adjustment meaning that you don’t have to exert yourself to adjust the chair and it locks into place safely and securely without too much hassle.

The chair can hold up to 100kgs, weighs 17kgs, and measures 79 by 32 by 67 cm. It comes almost completely assembled, requiring only minor assembly before use.

Some Minor Discrepancies

You won’t do much racing with the Racer 200 unless you change the castor wheels it comes with! For all the technical detail and care built into the construction of the rest of the chair, it is like the choice of wheels was a last-minute decision.

They work fine on a tight carpet, chair pad, or smooth floor; but you won’t be kicking yourself off and flying across the room in this chair.

If this is an important consideration to you, you can buy better wheels and swap them out as needs are. The wheels are of a standard size so it is easy to get something that will let you race around – if that’s your thing!

Final Verdict

The Racer 200 sets the bar for office chairs that delivers style and functionality in one neat package. The original chair remains the best, even if the wheels still aren’t hugely impressive (but for most this should only represent a tiny problem).

Now that the price has dropped over 50% there is no reason why you should buy an imitation Racer 200 when you can have the real thing at such a steal.

It is a high-quality chair that will see you comfortably through hours of gaming and/or work and one we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to the serious gamers among you.

Xenta Pro E-400 Chair

If you are not a real gamer, you aren’t going to “get” why the Xenta pro E-400 gaming chair is receiving such rave reviews. Priced at about £89.99,

It is at the higher end of the moderate price scale for gamer’s chairs. At first glance, the pro-E-400 looks like it has a lot to offer. The question is whether or not it delivers on its promises…

The Pro E-400 Main Features

The Xenta pro-E-400 is a rocker-style gaming chair that features synthetic leather, and dual colored cover with a separate headrest. It is not a fixed form, but the chair can fold for easy storage and has a safety lock to keep the back open when in use.

The back of the chair and the center seat panels are lined with a breathable mesh to help keep you cool when amid battle.

The sound system is designed to support deep bass and the inset speakers also have a sub-woofer. The chair itself features a side pocket for console controllers and has an 8-unit multi-player port connection on the side.

All of the controls for the chair are located on the forward right side, which is all within easy reach from a seated position.

What Works with the Chair?

One of the things that gamers love about this chair is the powerful sub-woofer and the ultra-stable body design.

For a folding chair, you wouldn’t expect it to hold up to the tense movements of gameplay but the chair holds steady and firm in even the most challenging circumstances.

It provides solid and comfortable support so you can fully keep your mind on playing your favorite video games without wriggling in any sort of discomfort.

The folding feature is also a big hit as it resolves the age-old problem of saving space. It rates high for comfort, usability, and durability as well.

One of the constant comments about this chair is that the padding, design, and breathable mesh backrest make long-term gameplay comfortable and easy to achieve.

You will find that you will have to take far fewer breaks from gaming action when playing sitting upon the Xenta gaming chair.

Any Areas which Aren’t Great?

The biggest problem with the Pro E-400 is only going to appear if you happen to be left handed. All of the chair controls, and the console remote pocket, are located on the right side.

While still usable for a lefty, you will miss out on the smoothness of using the integrated controls. If you are right-handed, everything is exactly as it should be.

Is it Going to Fit your Gaming Style?

While there are chairs for gaming that are cheaper, this is the best chair you can get for your money before it becomes a serious investment.

The quality of the materials and the construction of the chair are surprising when you consider its affordability. The folding feature makes it a perfect fit in a multi-use room as well.

As long as you aren’t left-handed, you really can’t do better than the Xenta Pro E-400. A top-notch product at a very tempting price – snap one up today!

X-Rocker Trojan Chair

Retailing at just a tad under £90, the X Rocker Trojan Chair is designed with one purpose in mind – to play games.

It is one of the few chairs in this price range that is designed to work with multiple gaming platforms – and even older gaming systems too. It stands to be a winner in its category… if, and only if, it performs as promised. So, let’s have a closer look, shall we?

A Multi-Platform Chair at Last!

The first thing that catches your attention about the X Rocker Trojan isn’t the green racing stripes, but the fact that it has analog, USB, and regular jacks built into the control panel.

This gaming chair is designed to be compatible with PS3 and PS4, Xbox, and the Wii and WiiU home entertainment gaming platforms.

It features side mount speakers with a built-in sub-woofer on the smooth back. The back is high enough to skip the usual headrest without you missing a beat.

The chair is fold-able and is covered in faux black leather with green racing stripes outlining a center mesh panel designed to keep you cool and firmly in place while playing your favorite games.

What it Does Best

One of the best things about this chair is you can use it with all of your gaming systems – new and not so new. The analog ports even allow you to jack into old-school versions of the Xbox and Wii which you can play to your heart’s content.

The seating style and shape of the elongated backrest provide more solid support than is typical with a standard gaming chair.

The side-mounted speakers also provide a fuller experience because you get to hear the sound as if it is surrounding you, and not just right behind your ear.

The one word that keeps being used when people talk about the X Rocker Trojan is “streamlined.”

This isn’t some gaming chair/TV lounger like so many are trying to pretend to be with excess pockets and other add-ons; this chair means business and does not disappoint in terms of durability and comfort.

Where it Could be Improved

One place where the X Rocker falls short is in folding for storage. It can do it, but it still takes up a slightly awkward amount of space.

If you intend to game, this won’t be an issue. And to no one’s surprise, the right side controls are going to prove a problem for left-handers; but not as much as with other game chairs.

The X Rocker Trojan has the control panel set back from the front edge on the right side of the product which makes it much easier to operate with your left hand.

Should you Get It?

The X Rocker Trojan Gaming Chair is the right fit for the serious gamer who owns multiple systems, or if you have an older system that you prefer to play on.

It is the best gaming chair for a left-handed person, the controls are still on the right but they feature larger control knobs so they are very easy to use and adjust.

This chair is a winner that delivers on its promises – with a stylish design thrown in for extra plus points.

i-eX Gaming Chair

The i-eX game player’s chair is slightly different from others in its price range. It doesn’t have headset-mounted speakers, nor does it shake you to mimic the action of the game.

It is a structured bean bag gaming chair that has been specifically designed to support the body while using a gaming console. With an MSRP of about £64.99, we decided to take a look to see if it was worth your time… and money.

The i-eX list of Features

The i-eX Chair is designed to provide maximum support and comfort while gaming and watching TV.

The unique low seat and high back, combined with the conforming support of the polystyrene fill will help to correct posture and make gaming for hours a much more comfortable experience.

While big enough to support a full-grown man, it is low enough to cater to kids too. The cover is faux leather that is easy to keep clean and comes in an attractive black and steel design. The cover is double-back stitched for extra durability too.

Is Bigger Really Better?

Bigger is surprising better when it comes to picking out a gaming chair. The more expensive chairs seem to get smaller and narrower as their price rises, but the i-eX is designed to provide support to a full-sized adult gamer.

The bean bag fill gives it stability and yet allows you to move with ease at the same time. The seating tilt is built in to hold you in the best position for viewing TV and playing video games.

Many customers have reported that after a year or so of ownership, they are still using the chair daily and it has held up well – that is something you rarely see mentioned about the harder and narrower style chairs.

Any Negatives?

The real bugaboo with the i-eX is that you have to fill it with the polystyrene balls when it first arrives.

This isn’t so bad if you are expecting to do that, but if you don’t read the fine print and think you can just unbox it and go – it can be a disappointment.

Overall, it takes about 15 minutes to fill the chair and then you are done with that for good. If you can overlook this one quirk with the chair, you will enjoy it.

One hidden benefit of this “drawback” is the chair is designed to be refilled. After a few years of use, you can firm up the shape with more beads.

So, Is it Right for Me?

The i-eX Gaming Chair has everything possible going for it. It is big enough to support a grown man for hours of gaming, but it can also fit a child comfortably.

The chair is comfortable and durable and as long as you have a vacuum cleaner handy – that first time filling it with the beads won’t be an issue at all.

For the price, you can’t beat this chair. The fact that it can work just as well as a TV viewing chair is just another reason you should consider adding this to your living room set-up.

Buerostuhl Swivel Racer Chair

At approximately £100, the HJH/Buerostuhl Office Swivel Chair certainly starts to look like an ideal solution to your gaming needs.

It comes in around the low middle price range for home and office desk chairs and has many features that are popular amongst gamers and office workers.

What is surprising in this price range is that it breaks the mold from the typical look of a rolling desk chair and has a sporty/sleek style – that alone makes it worth a closer look.

The real question is whether or not something this affordable, and stylish, is going to be comfortable after a few hours of sitting down.

What features define the Buerostuhl Swivel Office Chair?

The HJH Office Swivel Chair features a racing seat style with sewn segmented pads in the seats and back.

The outer edges are double stitched and formed with sculpted cushions rising at the edge. The material is made of a durable, but soft, synthetic leather material.

It also comes with a 5-point bottom castor support system and features an adjustable height seat.

The back angle is fixed, and the bed of the chair is on a rocker platform. The last main feature of this chair is the ergonomic armrests that can be height adjusted at will.

Good Points

There is a lot that customers love about this chair. The seat is set at an upright angle that promotes proper posture and works to relieve and prevent back strain.

It adjusts easily to just the right height and the seat rocker mechanism is smooth, allowing for a comfortable tilt that holds you in the position you want.

Hands down, the feature that everyone loves is the adjustable arms. The arms are curved and padded, which is a plus you usually don’t find in this price range, but the fact that you can adjust their height is a bonus.

You can even raise the height of the arms above the normal desk height which can help add support for those working on a computer for hours on end.

Any Downsides?

There are two complaints about this chair, but only one counts. The first complaint is about the fixed arch of the back.

It forces you into an ergonomically correct position. Customers who are used to reclining their chairs don’t like it, but they probably haven’t connected that position to their lower back pain either.

The other complaint about the HJH/Buerostuhl Office Swivel Chair is that it has awful rolling castors. They do the job but are noisy and not smooth at all.

Is this the Chair for You?

For the price, this Racer Swivel Chair delivers a lot more than you might expect. The issue with the castors isn’t that big of a deal if you are on a smooth surface unless your goal with the chair is to race!

Everything about this chair is designed to make working – and gaming – a more comfortable experience, while at the same time promoting good posture and support. All in all, it is a winner in both looks and performance.

Top gamer’s satisfaction.

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