Segway Ninebot Hoverboard Review 2023

Segway is always known for its upgrading models and built-in qualities. They keep the user’s satisfaction its first priority and always add features that ensure rider safety and protection.

UL 2272 certification is one of such features that every available hoverboard has right now.

Ninebot S is equipped with many other safety features other than UL 2272 certification. The anti-theft alert, controllable LED front, rare lights, IP54 waterproof certification, and many more features are available in this model.

However, Ninebot S is an upgraded version of the Segway mini pro and mini Light with a bunch of newly added features.

Segway Ninebot Hoverboard Review 2022

Let’s have a look at what new feature Segway’s has introduced; like its name in this model;

UL 2272 Certification:

Before introducing itself in the market, the segway S hoverboard has passed the entire safety test associated with fire and electrical hazards.  Being UL 2272 certified, segway hoverboard gives you an extra sense of relief from all the doubts that often come in mind while buying electric gadgets, especially hoverboards.

Easy to learn- New rider tutorial:

Segway hoverboard is easy to ride. Ninebot S comes up with the new rider learning tutorial. The beginners are now able to set the modes via an application.

For Step by step training, all you need to do is select the first stage of the new rider tutorial. The speed will be limited to 4.3 miles per hour until you complete the new rider tutorial.

The maximum speed will then limit to 6.2 miles per hour for the first 0.6 miles after completing the tutorial.

Disable the speed limiter, once you complete the tutorial and are ready to achieve a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour via app accessibility.

Segway Ninebot Hoverboard

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Intelligent Battery Management System:

Hoverboard is equipped with an intelligent battery management system. Keeps a track on the battery’s status as well as report the status of current, temperature, and voltage, this battery management system prevents the battery from operating outside its safe area.

Notify the potential faults and report usage as well as queries; this feature took the safety and comfort of the rider to the next level.

Design and durability:

Segway Ninebot S hoverboard is built by using an aircraft-grade magnesium alloy frame. The durable yet lightweight board only weighs 28lbs, which makes it easier to carry when you do not feel like riding it.

With the capacity to carry the maximum weight of 220 lbs, the knee control bars make balancing easier.  The kneebars are easily adjustable. Ninebot S adjusts into small places by detaching the knees control bars.

Hoverboard with a detachable handle, Segway S is equipped with the aviation-level magnesium-alloy skeleton.

Alloy Skelton makes it strong & durable and Light in weight. Its high elasticity, heat dissipation, shock absorption, and corrosion resistance are all superior to common aluminum alloy.

The suggested age to ride this hoverboard is between 16 to 50 years of age, and the applicable height is 3.11 to 6.6 inches. Segway S is suitable for teens and adults.

Large Anti-Skid Pneumatic Tires:

Large anti-skid tires improve Ninebot S stability. 10.5-inch anti-skid Vaccum tires absorb the shocks while you are riding and give you a smooth riding experience.  Anti-skid and shock absorption provides a smoother experience on a number of terrains by improving comfort and overall grip.

Ambient light safety:

The customizable LED lights ensure high visibility in dim light conditions as well as enhance safety.  The headlight and LED taillights are installed in a self-balancing hoverboard.

The system adjusts the brightness based on ambient light. The taillight works as an indicator for the vehicles coming from behind, and the front headlights have the capacity to illuminate the road 5 meters ahead.

Segway’s hoverboards are app controllable. This means that you have access to 16,000,000 different colors available in the Segway-Ninebot app via the app store. You can select any of the available colors for taillight with just one click anytime.

Intelligent App Management Accessibility:

An intelligent management system allows easy access to various functions like speed limit, firmware remote control, adjustable lights, and much more.

Anti-theft function, when activates, alerts you in seconds if someone is trying to steal or harm the hoverboard. This feature is great, but the only drawback is that it works only when the scooter is on.

Adjust the speed limit, switch to the different training modes and LED lights while cruising through mud, wet grass, or off-road, and take the adventure to another level with just one click is amazing.


Segway hoverboard is not a joke when it comes to performance. Featuring a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour and a range of 13.7 miles, Segway Ninebot S travels extra miles as compared to other models. The dual 400-watt powerful motors easily climb up the slope of 15 degrees.

A single full charge lets you travel up to 13.7 miles, which is a pretty good range limited to exploring nearby areas.

 IP54 waterproof protection:

Segway self-balancing scooter is water and dust-resistant. IP 54 waterproof protection makes it fully protected from solid objects and splashing of water coming from any angle. You can cruise through mud, and wet grass, or talk to water drops dripping in the sky with no worries.


  • The material used in manufacturing worth every penny
  • Very comfortable to grip and ride
  • Great build quality that will provide several years of use
  • Excellently 10.5 inches designed wheels for a very smooth and fun riding experience
  • Stable battery life, max speed and charging time
  • Adjustable knees control bars
  • Very useful app management system  loaded with functions
  • IP 54 waterproof certification protects from solid objects and water splashes.
  • UL2272 certified
  • Controllable Headlights and taillights ensure more security


  • Limited color range

Final Verdict:

Ninebot S is yet another successful model that delivers the powerful performance for which Segway is known. Suitable for 10 to 40 age groups, lightweight and portable with dual 400-watt motors provide a maximum speed of 10.5 miles per hour. Want to incline the slope by 15 degrees? Segway is ready to achieve the target without letting any hurdle in its way.

Segway Ninebot Hoverboard

Overall, segway’s Ninebot hoverboard is a great replacement for traditional travel vehicles.

Whether you are just a teen or 6 feet adult, Ninebot S will not disappoint you. The 10.5 inches anti-skid vacuum tries are designed to absorb maximum shocks while riding, giving you maximum stability and grip.

So don’t be afraid of taking your hoverboard off-road adventures, like its name “swag the way” with maximum security and comfort.

If you already have to segway mini pro or mini pro Light, we would not suggest you buy this, as it already has a bunch of similar features. But if you want to buy your first hoverboard or want to gift it to someone, Segway ninebot S would be a great choice.

It has a plethora of safety features, durable design, powerful battery, fun features, and much more, making it one of the best self-balancing scooters on the market right now.

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