Swagtron T580 Hoverboard Review 2023 – Battery, Specs & Much More

Hoverboards are one of the coolest gadgets of 2022 that are available in a wide variety of colors and astonishing features. One can enjoy a simple ride across the town or showcase his talent by doing tricks on the hoverboard.

Swagtron T580 Hoverboard comes up with many amazing features.  It has all kinds of specifications that a person could look for. Comes up with 3 mode option makes it suitable for experts as well as beginners.

T580 hoverboard is suitable for all age groups. You do not need to be a pro to ride it. Bunch of safety functions like Front LED lights, self-balancing technology, gyro sensors, battery indicator, UL 2272 certified, guaranteed value for money.

Good speed and extensive features continue to give the competition a run for its money. IPX4 water-resistant allows the rain lover to roam around the town without any fear and enjoy the ride in lovely weather along with favorite music.

SWAGTRON T580 Hoverboard Review

The Swagtron self-balancing hoverboard comes with almost all the features that you could want from a hoverboard.  Let’s dig out Swagtron T580 review and find astonishing features;

Safe and Secure ride

You don’t have to be a balancing expert when it comes to riding swagtron t580 hoverboard. The self-balancing technology makes it easier for everyone to ride it perfectly in just a few minutes.

UL 2272 certification gives you a sense of relief from all the doubts. It will not set itself on fire, no matter what.  Before leaving a mark in the market, it has passed all the safety and security test.

Batteries are protected by a smart management system that allows you to keep an eye on the charging and discharging process. The low battery indicator alerts you when it is time to step off the board, and you do not fall off with a sudden jerk.

Triple mode option

Swagtron hoverboard t580 gives you the option to choose between 3 modes.

The learning mode is specially designed for beginners and inexperienced riders.

Standard mode allows the intermediate riders to practice their skills in this mode without any fear of getting themself hurt.

Expert riders can go on to the next step using the advanced mode that makes the ride thrilling and rememberable that is accessible via a mobile app.


When it comes to performance, T58 from Swagtron can give a tough time to any other expensive hoverboards. This little beast is equipped with 200w dual motors with a maximum speed of 7.5 mph, which is quite a reasonable speed.

You can climb an incline of 30 degrees. The 6.5 inches hard rubber tires increase the stability, and aluminum rims provide sufficient traction.

You can travel up to 8 miles in a single full charge. The battery takes up to 2 hours to get fully charged, and you are ready to enjoy another ride.

Swagtron T580 Hoverboard

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Fun Features

Swagtron t580 has some amazing fun features, which makes it more demandable. Let’s dive into deep;

Bluetooth Speakers and Apps

For music lovers, the journey always begins with music. This piece of technology allows you to play your favorite music throughout the ride via Bluetooth speakers.

You can control various features of this t580 swagtron hoverboard via your mobile phone, such as checking battery charging, switching between different available modes, and of course, playing your favorite music. Swagtron Bluetooth hoverboard makes the ride more fun like never before.

Track your route

Swagtron hoverboard is enabled with a navigation system which means that it will keep you on the right track. With its app access function, you can travel up to 8 miles per charge without any fear of getting lost. You can easily access your location with just a single click.

Sleek, stylish, yet eco-friendly design

IPX4 water-resistant is one of the features that give swagtron t580 a more rugged appeal. As it is IPX4 resistant, this means that you can enjoy your ride in wet weather conditions as well. It is resistant to water splashing from any direction.

Zero-emission motors make it eco-friendly, and this means that you are not going to hear annoying noises while riding.  At only 20 lbs, you get a smooth and controllable ride. It is both lightweight and ultra-sturdy

Suitable for all age groups

The lightweight and portable t580 swagtron hoverboard can easily carry a weight between 44-220 pounds. Kids, teens, and adults can enjoy equal fun on this swagtron self-balancing scooter.

How to swag to the max?

All you need to do is put one foot on one of the non-slip footpads. It will automatically come in self-balancing mode. Put your other foot on the remaining footpad. The gyro sensors will detect your body movement. A little shift of your body lets you enjoy the ride. Don’t be too violent; otherwise, you might fall off.

Pros of Swagtron T580

  • UL2272 certified
  • Lightweight and sturdy model
  • Eco-friendly with zero-emission
  • IPX4 resistant
  • Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy the ride till the end
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Incombustible outer shell
  • Android and ios apps allow you to have control over your board completely
  • Triple mode option makes the ride more secure and safe.
  • Smart battery management system gives extra protection against heat and fire hazards
  • Climb inclines up to 30 degree

Cons of Swagtron T580:

  • Limited color range
  • Limited speed of 7.5 mph
  • No support for mobiles other than ios and android devices

Final verdict:

If you are planning to buy a hoverboard that is suitable for all age groups and also for those with different levels of skills and expertise, Swagtron T580 Hoverboard is the best option for you. T580 swagtron is easy to handle with a bunch of safety and fun features. The app allows you to monitor your speed, battery level, and temperature. Even, you can track your ride in the map. What else could a hoverboard lover need more?.