Top 8 Tips For Cooling Down a Laptop During a Game

Everyone knows that playing games on your laptop will heat it, but did you know that the heat can be so intense that it burns the surface? Learn how to cool down your laptop when gaming and prevent damage from happening with these eight tips.

Remove The Battery

Removing your laptop’s battery can greatly reduce heat buildup during long gaming sessions. Even though most gamers tend to use their laptops plugged in, that doesn’t mean your machine won’t get hot when you start playing intensive games.

Gaming is one of those activities that push computers to their limits. The processor, graphics card, and RAM all take a hit while playing games and can cause these components to overheat, especially if they are on an aluminum or plastic surface instead of resting on something like a table.

If your computer doesn’t have vents on its bottom or has protective covers over them, don’t worry about dust accumulating inside because it shouldn’t have any effect on temperatures.

Just make sure there’s adequate airflow around your laptop at all times. It’s also worth pointing out that removing your computer’s battery won’t necessarily prevent it from overheating,

Some laptops run hotter with just their power adapters connected than they do with batteries installed.

That said, removing a battery will prevent damage from occurring if something goes wrong while you’re playing games after all,

Not every problem can be solved by rebooting! Also, keep in mind that many modern laptops won’t allow users to remove their batteries anymore as part of efforts to increase product lifespan and/or save space. Of course,

Getting into your machine and removing a battery is still entirely possible; it just requires following different steps depending on what type of PC you own.

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Close Unused Programs

While gaming, it’s easy to open up lots of programs and browser tabs to communicate with friends.

Don’t let your laptop get so hot that you can’t play comfortably! Once you’re done gaming, be sure to close out all programs and browser tabs you don’t need—this will help keep your computer cool while you game.

Remember, Closing out of unnecessary programs will save battery life and make everything run faster. That said, closing out isn’t enough. You have to make sure those apps aren’t still running in the background.

Most computers have an X on their icons which closes them entirely when clicked (although some may require a right-click).

Be mindful not to minimize or minimize and lock instead, because these apps are still running processes on your computer!

Also, consider switching your power plan to high-performance mode if you’re running Windows 10. From there, click on change plan settings then choose advanced power settings.

Now look under hard disk, click on each hard drive, and then choose to turn off hard disk after followed by changing that time until 5 minutes. This is a great way to ensure your computer stays cool during games or other intensive activities!

Cool The Room

To start, you’ll want to cool down your room temperature. Cooling down your room temperature can help your laptop cool down faster.

Depending on how hot it is outside, lowering your AC or turning off AC completely and opening windows can do wonders for cooling down temperatures in an apartment or house with little airflow.

By creating more airflow around and through your house, you’re creating a wind tunnel effect that helps circulate air from one area of your home to another.

This keeps rooms cooler over time and prevents heat from building up. Some gamers go as far as running fans near their gaming rigs; depending on what kind of fans are used,

These DIY methods have mixed results but are usually worth at least a shot before shelling out big bucks for proper cooling solutions.

The great thing about both cooling down your room temperature and using fans is that they cost almost nothing and can be done easily by anyone who has even basic knowledge about building PCs!

Cool Down Your Peripherals

Your PC might be doing most of your gaming work, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your peripherals!

Your mouse and headset can heat just as much as your PC if they aren’t getting proper ventilation.

Invest in some cooling pads and fans to keep everything running smoothly. For instance, Cooler Master has many different accessories available, ranging from cooling pads to desk chairs. You can find these products on Amazon or at your local electronics store.

Cooler Master also makes laptop cooling cases, which is something worth looking into if you plan on using your laptop more frequently during heavy gaming sessions.

Before investing in any product, remember to read reviews and ask around there are always hidden gems among various brands.

And don’t be afraid to share tips with other gamers online; there are several online communities dedicated to helping fellow gamers get better performance out of their favorite games and they love hearing ideas from new players!

Turn Off Special Effects

Since video games can put stress on your graphics card, reducing or turning off special effects is often enough to get it back into shape.

It’s not like you’re going to miss them, anyway they make your game look prettier, but it won’t help your performance.

Most games have an options menu somewhere; if you’re having issues with overheating, check there first.

If that doesn’t work, try tweaking some of these settings: – In-game settings: Look in your game’s control panel for basic graphical and sound settings that might be running too high.

Some games will even display temperature alerts so you know when they’re getting too hot! If you don’t see any temperature displays, try manually adjusting these as well to see if they can lower temps without affecting gameplay.

Quit other applications: Though computer processors aren’t typically taxed by things like email and web browsing, they do tax fans during more intense gaming sessions.

6) Use Cleaner Software For Better Performance
Did you know that you can use computer cleaner software on your laptop to help cool it down? You can also use system cleaner software to keep your laptop’s performance optimal.

System cleaners are designed to make sure all the files, applications, and processes on your laptop are up-to-date, This will keep it running smoothly.

If there are any problems or errors with a file or application, they will be fixed quickly by a system cleaner.

To cool down your laptop while gaming, run an optimizer application before starting a game and then close out all unnecessary applications after starting up.

These quick measures should lower overall temperatures enough so that you won’t have to shut off during gameplay.

For better performance when playing games, try using a fan cooler to aid in cooling down your laptop.

A fan cooler is like an air conditioner but works differently—it uses fans instead of coils to cool devices.

An external fan cooler might seem like overkill, but if you’re looking to cool a desktop as well as two other laptops while playing games, then why not?!

Plus it’s easy to carry around from place to place if you need to set up shop somewhere else in your house.

Fan coolers work best for temporary relief from overheating issues rather than permanent fixes—but having one at home is one less excuse not to start or finish that new PC game!

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Keep The Fan Clean

Computer fans can accumulate dust and other grime over time, causing them to run at slower speeds and operate less efficiently.

If you’re not paying attention, it’s easy to forget about your computer’s fan especially if you have multiple fans in one machine. One of our top tips for keeping your laptop cool is to periodically clean out your fan with compressed air (or gently blow compressed air through it).

The easier it is for your fans to move air, the better they’ll be able to keep things cool during high-intensity activities like gaming.

Better airflow means cooler temperatures! And don’t worry, cleaning out dust won’t void your warranty or cause any harm as long as you use gentle methods.

To ensure that dust doesn’t get clogged up again, we also recommend setting up a schedule where you do monthly deep cleans.

This prevents wear and tear on both components and ensures that your computer’s cooling system keeps functioning properly.

Clean fan blades mean cool computers! Keep Your CPU Cool: One of the best ways to keep your laptop cool is to make sure its heat sink isn’t blocked by something like an extra layer of thermal paste.

Many laptops have vents above their CPUs that are designed to allow heat to escape but need unobstructed paths,

This makes sense when you consider what would happen if some kind of obstacle preventing heat from escaping. That being said, make sure nothing obstructs these openings, since they’re critical for effective cooling.

Chill Out

One of your first concerns is probably temperature. As you play, some parts of your laptop will heat up more than others, as much as 18 degrees according to one study.

To prevent overheating and limit damage over time, it’s important to keep your laptop cool while gaming.

Here are some tips on how to do that Play in Cool Places:

High temperatures can not only wear down your processor but also make your entire computer slow down.

Avoid playing games in high-heat areas such as hot cars or closed rooms with no ventilation. Play somewhere where there’s plenty of cool air circulating you or use an external cooling pad to bring down temperatures if necessary.

Monitor Your Gaming Laptop Temperature:

When running resource-heavy programs like games, it’s crucial to be aware of how hot your laptop gets and what causes those temperatures to rise so that you can reduce the risk for yourself in terms of both safety and performance.

Download a temperature monitoring app like SpeedFan or Thermometer (for Mac) to get accurate readings from programs inside and outside your computer.

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