Tips to Buy Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

Programmable buttons

We all know that a gaming mouse has so many programmable buttons, which have different functions. Most gaming mice allow you to customize the buttons and set them the way you want. So, knowing how many programmable buttons you need to have in your mice depends on what games you are willing to play with them.

If you are a fan of MMO games, then you may need to have more programmable buttons on your mouse. If you look for the MMO wireless gaming mouse, then you will get to know that almost all the MMO gaming mice have 12 programmable buttons. You can also buy any wireless gaming mouse that has at least 12 programmable buttons to play MMO games.

Whereas for MOBA games, you do not need to have as many programmable buttons as you need for MMO. Most MOBA mice are available with 5, 6, 7, or even 8 programmable buttons. So, you need to know what games you are willing to play with your mouse and then select the number of buttons according to it.

Ergonomic – Grip Style

The other thing you need to consider when buying the wireless gaming mouse is the ergonomic design as there are infinite numbers of wireless gaming mice available on the market and we all are very much cognizant of the fact that not every mouse in the market is ergonomic and comfortable.

Everyone has a different way of holding the mouse while playing the game. There are three grip types; claw, palm, and fingertips. So, you need to know your style of gripping the mouse, as not every mouse on the market is designed for all grip styles. If you are the one who uses the palm grip style, then you will have lots of options as most of the mice are designed for it.


DPI, dots per inch, is the number of pixels the cursor moves on the screen when the gamer moves the mouse by inch. It means the higher DPI of the mouse, the more you can move your cursor with minimal mouse movement.

The wireless gaming mouse with higher DPI is ideal for shooting games where you need to make a quick move. These are also good for you if you have a large monitor or screen. On the other hand, a lower DPI is ideal for games involve stealth. Some good wireless gaming mice even give you the option to adjust the DPI.

Response Time

The speed of the gaming mouse matter a lot as lagging in input can make you lose your game so the response time of the wireless gaming mouse matters a lot. The response time of the wireless mouse should be around 1 or 2 ms.

What is the best wireless mouse for gaming?

The best wireless is the one that has all the features and programmable buttons that is suitable for different gaming genres. If you are willing to play only one genre, then you can buy the one that is only suitable for that particular genre. For instance, if you want to play MOBA, then the list of the best gaming mouse is narrowed, and you can easily select the mouse according to your needs.

You also need to make sure whether you want to play with your right hand, left hand, or both. Some people are lefty and if you are one, then you need to look for the best wireless gaming mouse designed for left-handed gamers.

What is the difference between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse?

A lot of people have confused that why they need a gaming mouse for playing games, they really want to know the difference between both. A serious gamer is very well aware of the difference.

The first difference that anyone can notice about the gaming mouse is the combination of buttons. The gaming mouse has a lot of buttons as compared to the normal mouse.

The programmable buttons are customizable and can be customized via software.  Gaming mice are durable, ergonomic, and quick to respond, while a normal mouse doesn’t have such features.

Is a wired or wireless mouse better for gaming?

There are many people who prefer the best wireless gaming mouse, while a lot of gamers also like to use a wired mouse. Some gamers like to pick the gaming mouse that offers wired as well as wireless connectivity. Both gaming mice have their own benefits.

The wireless gaming mice are portable and there is no way it gets tangled anywhere unlike wired mice. But, a wireless mouse can run out of battery during the game, and that is really annoying for serious gamers. That’s the reason gamers prefer to have a mouse with dual connectivity.

Can I use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse?

Yes, one can use the gaming mouse as a regular mouse. Gaming mice are known for ergonomic design, so, it is really comfortable when you use them as a regular mouse. You need to change the DPI when you are not playing a game.

The size buttons of the gaming mouse can be customized, you can reprogram it to certain commands according to your need, maybe to force shutdown or anything as per your convenience. When you use a gaming mouse as a regular mouse, you will surely like the features.


In this article, we discussed the best wireless gaming mouse. All the mice mentioned above are best in their own manner with lots of features and different sensors. I also highlight the common questions asked by people.

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