VIVA Office Racing Style The Best Gaming Chair USA 2022

How Many Hours Do You Spend To Play a Game in a Week?

In the era of the technological development with dizzy speed, anyone who owns a mobile device or a smart phone will likely be considered a gamer. Therefore, we are so hard to distinguish between casual gamers and hardcore gamers.

In the latest report of NPD Group show that parts are called “hardcore gamers” who spend over 5 hours/ a week for gaming on systems such as console, PC or Mac. Under the standard,

The United States has about 34 million genuine gamers, and they spend about average 22 hours per week for playing games.

VIVA OFFICE Racing Style The Best Gaming Chair with Footrest-Viva1189L1

The true gamer is the source of the gaming industry. They spend a lot of time to invest in their hobby voluntarily. They also invest much money to buy gaming devices to improve their gaming skill.

Therefore, I want to offer the best choice to you enjoying gaming. Purposely, I hope that your gaming skill is heightened a lot. What I mention is VIVA OFFICE racing style gaming with footrest- Viva1189L1.

The VIVA Office, which is the professional office furniture supplier, now provides a great variety of excellent office chairs.

With the combination of global intelligence, high quality material, reliable performance, and world class ergonomic design, VIVA keeps bringing the best sitting experience to customers all over the world! All VIVA Office chairs have passed the BIFMA testing standards for all applicable features.

My gaming chair review will help you to have a detailed look about the VIVA OFFICE racing style gaming chair with footrest- Viva1189L1. The chair is really worthy to own.


  • Multi- colored bonded leather high back gamingchair task chair with pneumatic seat height adjustment and extra footrest.
  • The human- oriented design and double padded contoured seat, headrest and backrest make the user more comfortable during work hours.
  • 360 degree swivel base with smooth caster wheels, for easy rolling.
  • High quality PP armrest, Nylon base and Nylon casters.
  • Weight capacity is 250 pounds. Easy assembly upon arrival. We provide free component- exchange in two years.

The look

If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on a gaming chair, after all, you want to make sure your chair is quality, comfortable, and fashionable.

Therefore, the VIVA Office chairs come in a variety of colors and styles. They own different features and models. They produced in a quality standard to make the convenience and comfort for you.

The VIVA Office style racing gaming chair with footrest- Viva 1189L1 is a red/ black version. It is fashionable and suits for tall and heavy gamers. The general look of the VIVA Office is great and gets noticed.

Beyond the color, the shape and construction of the chair is design as a car racing seat. The pneumatic design is powerful and soft. It makes the sense as you are sitting on a real car racing chair. You will experience real gaming races.

The best gaming chair

You are a hardcore gamer, your day is not completed without playing a game. You game lasts many hours.

There is no way to make you get up from your chair. You say” only 45minutes” and you will end up spending a minimum of 3 hours on the TV screen!

This shows that you really enjoy games on your chair. I am sure that you care for investing a gaming chair. Comfort is your important priority because an uncomfortable chair will affect you negatively while gaming.

According to the latest healthy report, sitting for a long time in a chair could cause long-term results. Your back, neck, shoulder, and wrist will have to suffer pains when you are old.

Therefore, why do you choose a quality chair as the VIVA Office racing style gaming chair with footrest-Viva1189L1?

Headrest- Backrest:

The VIVA Office racing style gaming chair with footrest- Viva1189L1 satisfies you with a new innovation. The backrest is higher than other normal ones.

Besides, the headrest and backrest cushion are filled with premium fabric upholstery. You will not worry about neck and back pains while gaming for a long time. You will be comfortable in the chair.

I can understand the feeling which is made by an uncomfortable chair. I experienced it when I sat on a common office chair because my job often needs to sit so much.

I have to work with a computer during hours. Therefore, my neck and back are always painful after working. That is so bad!

Isee that both time and age do not prevent your love of gaming. You can play during 8 hour without sleeping.

However, your health will decline and you feel tired. You wish your chair will turn into a bed to take a break right now after you are exhausted for gaming.

Your wish will become truth!

Tilt mechanism:

With the tilt function, the VIVA Office racing style gaming chair with footrest- Viva1189L1 is a wonderful choice for you. It can recline from 90 degrees to 170 degrees. You are free to adjust it. That is perfect.


Specially, you can slide out the footrest which combines with the tile mechanism to change it into a bed.

You are completely relaxed and have a good sleep on it after gaming. Your health will be improved a lot, and then you will have enough power to continue to play games.


The high quality PP armrests help your arms to be at ease.

Waterfall design:

The waterfall design of the chair edge is also special to eliminate leg fatigues. You will not aching because it is really produced to protect you.

The best testament which shows out the effectiveness of the chair is simply that I sat in it for 8 hours a day.

I did not feel painful. It helped me to maintain good posture and prevent bone problems. I have used it at work for long periods. With the VIVA Office gaming chair, I completely believe to use.

Caster wheels- Base:

The chair is designed as a car racing seat, so you will feel like sitting in a real racing seat. It brings not only the comfort but also the speed.

Due to the Nylon base and the Nylon casters, your security is sure. This special material makes it become firm and suffer a high weight.

You will not need to worry about your weight which can affect badly the movement and durability of the chair.

Amazingly, the weight limit of the VIVA Office gaming chair is 250 pounds. You are easy to move smoothly, even on carpet.

Moreover, the base is a swivel one, so you can spin 360 degrees. Nothing can prevent your movement with the VIVA Office racing style gaming chair with footrest- Viva1189L1.

Height adjustment:

I am quite tall, and I find chairs which are not well suited to the length of my legs. That leads me to the VIVAOffice racing style gaming chair with footrest- Viva1189L1. It can adjust easily to fit my leg length. I can place my feet on the ground, without feeling extra pressure in my knees.

The cost

The VIVA Office racing style gaming chair with footrest- Viva 1189L1 is wonderful but the cost is still around $399.

While gamers are happy to invest a lot money in hardware upgrades, monitors, and speakers. A chair is often not cared much.

However, I suppose that you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair and are using good devices to play a game. Are you really at ease to gaming while hours?

The VIVA Office racing style gaming chair with footrest- Viva1189L1is worthy to choose in upgrading your gaming skill. Your time and money is not waste with it.

Fortunately, the VIVA Office chairs provide the free component-exchange in two years that may make you feel better about putting your money where your butt is.

Customer reviews:

Customer reviews is real comments about a product. You will have ideas how a good product is. Customers share of their thoughts after using it, so you completely believe customer reviews.

The VIVA Office style racing gaming chair with footrest- Viva1189L1 is not an exception for customer reviews. It has earned 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Amazon web.

In a total of customer reviews, most of reviews have given 5 stars to this chair (60%). This thing proves that the VIVA Office racing style gaming chair with footrest- Viva 1189L1 is a quality product.

Unpleasant Things

  • Short footrest without adjustment.
  • Hard assembling with confusing instruction.
  • Heavy weight.
  • Headrest without adjustment, not ideal for short gamers.

Final thoughts

The VIVA Office racing style gaming chair with footrest-Viva1189L1 is the dominant chair for entertainment and gaming purpose.

It is your supporter to make convenience in life. Your health will become better I order that you can enjoy playing your favorite games.

My gaming chair review just provides the detailed information of the chair for you. Mainly, I only want to offer the best gaming chair for you but the final choice is yours.