10 Ways to Silence a Nintendo Switch pro Loud Fan Noise

The Nintendo Switch’s fan has been known to run very loudly, especially when the console is being pushed to its limits.

If you’re playing the new Zelda game on the go, you may not mind this as much, but if you’re planning on playing in a quiet room or bed, it can be quite an annoyance and can disrupt others around you if it too loud.

Luckily, there are ways to lessen or even silence your Switch’s loud fan noise so that you don’t have to hear it anymore!

10 Ways to Silence a Nintendo Switch’s Loud Fan Noise

If you’ve ever played your Nintendo Switch in handheld mode and heard a loud, whirring noise coming from it, then you know that it’s pretty distracting, to say the least.

Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to silence that fan so that you can get back to focusing on your game! The 10 methods outlined below should help you with this issue!

How to Silence a Nintendo Switch’s Loud Fan Noise?

With the release of the Nintendo Switch, gamers were finally able to take their console gaming on the go. However, one downside to the Switch is that its fan noise is quite loud.

If you’re looking for a way to silence your Switch’s fan noise, look no further! Here are four easy steps to help you silence that noisy fan.

Get The Right Case

If you’re going to be on the go with your Nintendo Switch, you might want to invest in a case that can protect it from both minor scrapes and high falls.

This can help prevent accidents and make sure you don’t accidentally leave it behind in a coffee shop or at an airport. The best case for protecting your Nintendo Switch will depend on where and how you travel with it.

A different option is necessary if you’ll be traveling mostly via airplane, frequent flyers may prefer something sturdier like a carrying case as opposed to something more fashionable like a folio (though there are plenty of options for cases meant specifically for frequent travelers).

There are also special cases available that allow you to hook up multiple Switches together, so gamers can play against each other easily wherever they go.

Choose A Cooler Spot

If you play your Nintendo Switch for more than 10 minutes at a time, you should know that it gets loud pretty quickly.

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to silence it. First and foremost, don’t play while lying in bed.

Bed sheets can act as sound absorbers, which allows sound waves to bounce around inside your room without really escaping through any open windows or vents.

Also, try playing with headphones on; using earbuds instead of traditional over-the-ear cans will block ambient noise and make your games a lot less annoying.

Play For Shorter Periods

The Nintendo Switch is small, portable, and plenty powerful, but it’s also loud. And that can be especially irritating if you take your gaming on the go in places like public transportation or coffee shops.

Though there are no replacement parts available (so don’t try replacing them), there are some ways you can modify your console to mitigate some of that fan noise and maybe even make it more convenient for on-the-go play. Here are 10 things you can do to silence Nintendo Switch fans

Set Up In An Open Space

Nintendo isn’t particularly helpful when it comes to dealing with loud fan noise, the company says you should always set up your console in an open space where it can ventilate properly.

These recommendations are pretty vague, though, and don’t do much in terms of providing practical solutions for cooling down your Switch.

Luckily, there are a few things you can try out before resorting to taking apart your entire game system.

Keep in mind that these options may vary based on factors like the model and operating temperature if you’re having issues with an older model or if it has started heating up recently, for example, some of these steps might not apply.

The first thing to do is to wait; as we mentioned earlier, cooling fans often kick in at higher temperatures and will eventually slow down once they stabilize at normal operating levels.

Choose A Quiet Game

Many factors influence whether or not your Nintendo Switch will make noise, but one of them is a simple game choice.

It may sound silly, but playing a quiet game like Stardew Valley will keep you from hearing any major fan noises. If you’re stuck on which games to play, check out our list of best Nintendo Switch games for some ideas.

You could also take a look at Fortnite it seems that it doesn’t have too loud of fans while you play it! For more help picking your next favorite game, we put together 10 pro tips when searching for Nintendo Switch games!

Change Your Viewing Angle

Depending on how you use your Nintendo Switch, you may notice that it can get very loud. This is because of its exhaust fan, which runs whenever your console is running.

While there are no guaranteed solutions for a completely silent console, there are many ways that you can reduce or even eliminate all (or most) of that noise.

From simple fixes to complex strategies, here are 10 things that might help silence your Nintendo Switch’s super-loud fan noise.

Buy A Joy-Con Grip: While technically not a fix for loud fan noise, buying a Joy-Con grip will effectively turn off your device when playing in tabletop mode.

Replace Your Screen Protector

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One of my favorite tricks for silencing an incredibly loud fan on my Nintendo Switch is to replace its screen protector. The world of smartphone and tablet accessories is vast, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find something that will effectively muffle your handheld.

Clean Out The Dust Underneath It

Over time, dust will accumulate in your Nintendo Switch. It won’t cause damage to your system, but it can make for an annoying buzzing sound during gaming sessions.

If you want to stop that sound, all you have to do is remove dust from underneath your Nintendo Switch. First things first: Unplug any cords attached and turn off your console by holding down its power button for a few seconds.

Next, grab a guitar pick or credit card and run it along each of your Nintendo Switch’s vents you should hear lots of clanking noises as you clear out dirt, dust, and other debris that’s causing an issue.

You might even find some coins who knows? The point is to remove everything stuck under there so there isn’t anything hitting against components inside while you game.

Keep It on Its Dock When Not Playing

The Nintendo Switch uses a lot of power, and all that power doesn’t come from anywhere. When your system is in use, it taps into its internal battery.

This battery will recharge while you play games or watch videos on your TV through an attached dock,

But if you play exclusively in handheld mode which is loud because of its fan your system might not have enough juice to get through long gaming sessions.

One way to help alleviate this problem is to make sure that when your Nintendo Switch isn’t being used, it stays on its dock.

Doing so will charge up your battery and ensure that you can keep playing for longer periods without running out of power.

This practice also ensures that once you are out of power, it will be easier to quickly recharge than if it were sitting off with no battery backup at all.

Clean Out The Inside Of The Console Regularly

While cleaning might not be your first thought when thinking about stopping an annoying noise, it can have a huge impact on how well your console works.

If you notice your Nintendo Switch fan making loud noises, take it apart and clean out any dust or debris that might be causing some issues.

While doing so isn’t fun, it can help keep your console running for longer and potentially save you money in repairs down the line.

It only takes a few minutes but will make all of the difference in how well your Nintendo Switch operates.

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