What To Look For In A Chromebook

Chromebooks are definitely good when it comes to distance learning and homework but you have to check what’s inside. And they are more tempting when they are cheap so before you get one it’s better to be little cautious. As a potential buyer you may already have considered the pros and cons Chromebook.

What to look for in a Chromebook

What fascinates most people about a Chromebook is its cost, particularly when a family wants to buy more than one. But when you go for the cheapest Chromebook they may have some flaws. So we will discuss some key factors to consider before you buy.

Examine the Auto Update Expiration:

If you are thinking about getting a cheap chromebook then the foremost thing to do is to check it against Google’s Auto Update Expiration list.

When we look at Microsoft it usually supports Windows PCs for a long period of time, whereas Google sets a limit—it will be about six years from the product’s original ship date for most consumer models, but some of them get a few years more.

If a Chromebook doesn’t have support, then Google won’t upgrade the Chromebook’s ChromeOS any further, so you will be deprived from new features and there will be no security patches.

So when you buy an older Chromebook that will be few years closer to its expiration compared to a brand-new model would be. Retailers do not reveal this, so it’s worth checking out. Sometimes an out of date chromebook also serve you without any problems but there are no guarantees.

Quality of the Display: As we are talking about mid-range chromeboooks you have to be very careful about its resolution and brightness. Most of the cheaper Chromebooks comprises a lower-quality display.

No matter what age you are, when you look at a small, low-resolution screen for hours at a time can be tiring for your eyes.

So it will be good if you go for a Chromebook with a Full HD (1920×1080) display if it’s possible. You will get an HD (1366×768) screen—easily when you look for the cheapest Chromebooks—and it can be tolerated on smaller 11.6-inch displays, but it’s not recommendable.

The displays on cheaper Chromebooks are not that much bright they are usually on the dim side. They are quite good for indoor use, but outdoor light will wash out the screen. If you can get a brightness spec, go for something 250 nits or higher.

The chrome books are not similar and not in the same way of the other laptops. They enclosure to the chrome OS, that is an operating system, manufactured by the Google. They are more intoxicating in the way that they can manipulate all the things that are important to you and excogitation in the way that character them to use with leisurely. The chrome book is revealed as the shining armor for many of the people who want to do introductory computing tasks but they do not want to spend a fortuity on the laptops and on the Macs. The chrome book has been used in various fields of education and for many other purposes.

  The term Chrome book is basically a modern designed laptop that can be used mainly with internet. It is that device which is to be used fundamentally only with stable internet connection. And especially the chrome book usage goes with the appropriate and smooth flow of Wi – Fi connection. It can work efficiently and properly when it is connected to Ethernet connection.

The Things That You Cannot do on Your Chrome Book:

The chrome books are conjugated with the fact that if you can installed and download all the Android apps on your chrome book, it will lend a hand to makes it an interesting options to do many things on your chrome book. In whatever way, there are some things that the chrome books are not still capable to achieve.

What To Look For In A Chromebook
  1. The first thing is the gaming:

Nearly all the chrome books have the limited hardware specs, for that reason the chrome books are not offer its users to play the games on it. Fortunately, some of the mid range chrome books get along with the decent hardware, which may enable the users to play of their favorite android games on its podium. However, gaming is not only a one thing that you can do on your chrome book.

  • The video editing:

The video editing on the Macs and on the Windows is an easy task that is not so much as if you try it’s in – built tools. The video editing is about the next to possible on chrome book when it is not come with limited hardware specs. The video rendering is only feasible on the desktop computers and on the Macs.

  • The next one is the multi – tasking on the chrome book:

The other thing from which the chrome books cannot the Macs and the Windows is the multi-tasking. This and that together operating systems are originated to handle heavy multi-tasking in mind, nevertheless with the chrome book; it is modicum difficult task for it.

  • Organizing the files:

To make the arrangements for the files is also entirely difficult with the chrome books are juxtaposed to the Windows and with the Macs machines. You cannot modestly organize the files into the portfolio and sub –folders by using the chrome books, while on the other hand you can arrange your files easily with the Windows and with the Macs. This is because of the reason that the chrome book uses the many storage platforms and also the Google drive to complete its storage needs.

  • You cannot do anything on your chrome book without the internet connection:

The chrome book becomes almost useless for you, if you do not have the internet connection I think so, it is the major drawback for having the chrome book. Because most of the extensions and the apps cannot labor without any internet connections. In chrome book, the features are limited when it is in offline mode, however some apps like the Google documents and likewise should be used without internet connection.

  • No appreciable viewing experience:

It is an actuality that most of the chrome books have the modest screen and the low-resolution display. It takes the adverse effect on the display, despite the fact that it increases the battery lifespan. The picture and the videos are not intense like viewed on Windows laptops, which volunteer a range of display sizes. You should have to go for the premium range if you want to get a virtuous display on your chrome book.

Chrome Book Pros Vs Cons:

  • 1. Chrome book are principally perfect for employee work with bulk amount.
  • 2. The chrome book can be use to transported with one because of its lighter moveable designs. The use of chrome book for travel is the good option about its lighter and smarter size.
  • 3. The lesser quantity of the chrome book attached apparatus is a better indication of extended battery life.
  • 4. The chrome books are generally powerless to compete the Windows viruses. Because of the better installations of Windows software the chrome book has the lessen chances to have any virus.
  • 5. The chrome books are generally more fast and quick in their working. But with the screen saving with 10 seconds. So this is much better significance for the efficient output.
  • 1. Chrome book can able to attain multimedia tasks. The chrome books that can handle the multimedia projects are with specified software installations.
  • 2. The use of chrome book for gaming is not a better methodology. The recently made chrome book is not suitable to handle the Android gaming performance.
  • 3. The chrome books are especially for use with the Online Mode. They don’t have the performing ability without internet connections.
  • 4. The increasing demand of chrome book is only for to do a defined and decent amount of work online.
  • 5. The chrome book has no access to the installation of Microsoft updated applications.

“2 in 1 Chrome Book”

The 2 in1 chrome books are a practical and the multi- purpose gadget; it is composed of two parts or items both the laptop and a tablet. The 2 in 1 chrome book deeds like a user – friendly tablet, for having the 360-degree contingent and a multi- touch screen. But at any time when you need to, upright flip it on every side, and it will revolutionize back into a rhythmic laptop again with a keyboard.

The 2 in 1 chrome book offers you to use a single device for both because they give you more flexibility. While the processing capacity together with the keyboard permits you to carry out your work affiliated tasks such as the word processing, while in contrast to touch screen helps you to do your tasks with more comfort like the reading an eBook, designing, or watching a movie.

It is specifically use full for the students who want a combination of processing abilities and also a touch screen in order to do their tasks with efficaciously in effect.

What To Look For In A Chromebook

The Best Chrome Book Under $ 300;

The chrome books are often to buy under the pressurized budget but in no compromise tio their performance quality. The strategy to buy a best chrome book with better performing actions is not the big deal. There are far listed chrome book users which are enjoying the chrome book material but in the effective cheap manner.

 On the other side of the picture, there also the crew who is having the extra expensive chrome book but I same manner to performances. You don’t need to stuff all your wealth to buy a chrome book because this is also possible with $ 300 only.

Top 12 Best Chrome Book Under $ 300

  • Lenovo Chrome book duet.
  • Lenovo Chrome book C 340 ( 11 inches).
  • HP Chrome book 14 (11 inches).
  • Dell Chrome book 3100 (11 inches).
  • Samsung Chrome book 4 + (15 inches).
  • Asus Chrome book C 423.
  • HP 11 Chrome book.
  • HP 11.6 Chrome book with touch screen.
  • Dell Chrome book 11 – Intel .
  • Lenovo 11.6 HD Chrome book with touch screen.
  • Samsung Galaxy Chrome book 4.
  • Asus Chrome book C 223 NA.

Things To Consider Before You Buy a Chrome Book (Buying Guide)

  • Do you have the stable and steady flow of internet connection?
  • Does your chrome book have the updated versions of Microsoft?
  • Is your chrome book is having the hard ware and soft ware installations accurately?
  • At what storage the chrome book have RAM and ROM memory?
  • Is your chrome book can have the exceptional screen display?
  • At what pixel number your chrome book resolution will fall?
  • Can your chrome book easily install the Windows?
  • Is your chrome book having you the convenient access to the multimedia tasks projection?

Memory is More Important Than Storage:

Chromebooks locally can store data; now a day’s most of the schoolwork is performed online. But most of the students usually didn’t save anything on to a Chromebook directly, so the size of the onboard storage hardly matters.

PC admirers may also go for express SSDs over an eMMC flash drive—but as we are discussing Chromebook It doesn’t make any difference, many people think how much storage do I need on a chromebook? But you shouldn’t be bothering about how much storage a Chromebook has as your work is mostly done online.

Memory certainly plays a major part, as that’s where your browser data is loaded. If you have more memory then you have more available browser tabs for surfing the Web. Usually Chromebook comprises at least 4GB of memory.

If you have something less than that (such as 2GB) may have an adverse effect—in fact, 4GB of memory is highly recommended.


Connectivity is crucial but many laptops, particularly smaller and thinner models don’t have sufficient ports. You should know what you need to connect—like a USB drive, a headset, or a display.

It will be better if you go for a chromebook with HDMI port, a microSD or SD card slot for loading photos, and a USB-A port its good if you get  more than one to plug in peripherals.


This one is also quite important as most of the teachers are not bothered about the quality of a child’s webcam as long as there is one.

But quality certainly makes a difference as a better webcam can make it easier to see your child, and it’s more visible when they’re holding it up for inspection, but if a room is a well-lit then you can manage any shortcomings with much ease.

Performance of The Processor:

Chromebooks that are particularly built for browser-based schoolwork conventionally doesn’t need much processor power—and frequently saved cost with much cheaper chips.  

It will be good if you go for a Chromebook with an Intel processor, and you can say that even an Arm chip can run a Chromebook just fine as it is running your smart phone also.

But it’s always better to do a quick web search of the processor. Think about a newer model if the chip was manufactured more than five years ago.

When you are shopping for a new Chromebook, you should think about chromebook specs also. CPU, RAM, and storage are all very vital options to think about. When you move from a Mac or PC to Chrome OS it’s a little bit confusing.

The needed specs are definitely a bit different on Chromebooks and Chrome OS tablets, precisely when we are talking about storage.

Chrome OS is designed for cloud-based computing, minimizing the need for a large storage volume. Usually the Chromebooks are a bit low-end on the CPU and RAM side of things as well.

If you are thinking that what specs should I look for when buying a chromebook? then let’s look at the minimum requirement of specs you should have.

CPU Specs:

Chromebooks are quite good even with a fairly low-powered CPU. If you are thinking about getting a Chromebooks under $300, then go for an Intel Celeron processor, and it will be good if you go for the newer N5000 although an N4020 or N4010 are also great options.

You also have an exceptional ARM processor options like the MediaTek Helio P60T or MediaTek MT8173C. In this price range the CPUs you get are not high-powered, but they’re very battery efficient. You can easily bank on the battery life with any of these options.

If you go for more exclusive choices, like Chromebooks in the price range of $300-$600 you should have Intel Pentium, Core i3 or occasionally Core i5 processors. Go for Pentium Gold 4417U or 4425U chips, or 10th-generation Core i3 / i5 processors.

Many people don’t know this but if you want you can also find Chromebooks with older generation Intel chips. If you want to save a few bucks then you can consider going back a few generations, but if you go below 8th generation that’s not good at all. If you’re going for a chromebook that’s around $600, then focus merely on Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors.

RAM Specs:

If you are one of those who just browse the web to check email, and post something on social media then if you have 4 GB it’s enough on a Chromebook.

When you look at the Chrome OS its much less RAM-hungry compared to Windows or macOS. You can do many simple tasks with 4 GB of RAM with much ease.

But if you are into video editing or running RAM-intensive Linux apps then you need a minimum of 8 GB of RAM. If you are really serious about video editing or development on your Chromebook then there are some Chromebook models with 16 GB of RAM also.

If you are a pro, then you should go for a nice docking station to utilize the full power of your Chromebook. It’s crucial to notice that as you maximize the amount of RAM you need then the price will generally go up.

There is one question that many people usually ask and that is how much RAM does a chromebook have?  Almost all the Chromebooks in the price range of around $300 will feature 4GB, but if you are lucky enough you will get some extra ordinary deals occasionally featuring 8 GB.

If you’re interested in getting a Chromebook around $300, then look for the model that has 8 GB if possible.

Storage Specs:

Chrome OS is not that much heavy and it’s a cloud-based system that doesn’t require much storage space, but when you start to download music or games, it’ll fill up fast. On a 32GB Chromebook, the system image will take about 14 GB, and that leaves you with about 10 GB for new apps and files.

This will look enough, but don’t forget that Chromebooks now also run Android apps. If you download your selected mobile games, these definitely eats up a few GBs for every app.

Besides, if you are interested in running Linux apps, this needs another big chunk of storage. So you can say that 32GB is just not sufficient for a Chromebook particularly in 2022, unless you’re only using cloud storage. Or else, the minimum storage you should ponder on your Chromebook is 64GB.

If you look you will find best chromebook under300 that comprises 64GB SSD storage. If you want to use a Chromebook as your main computing device then you should go for 128GB of storage at a minimum.

But the options that feature 128GB are likely to cost over $400, and you can’t put these into the budget Chromebook list.

The specs you pick will obviously be decided by your budget, but you better follow these rules.

Budget Chromebooks (under $300) should comprise minimum an Intel Celeron N4010 (or better), with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. Exclusive Chromebooks should preferably feature an Intel Core i3/i5/i7, 8 GB of RAM and 128GB SSD storage.

We have tried to discuss everything that you should be look in a chromebook when you get one. Now let’s have a look at the questions that are asked frequently related to chromebook.

What To Look For In A Chromebook

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Choose a Chromebook?

What To Look For In A Chromebook

The Better Factors Needed To Be Reminded at the time of buying chrome book:

  Storage availability.

  Cheap prices.

  Video editing.

  Lack of multimedia projects.

  Manufacturing designs.


  Installation to linux.

People expect more particularly with premium models you can look for an Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors. And go for 10th-generation processors if possible. When it comes to memory 8 GB is basically the standard, but there are some Chromebooks that comprise 16 GB of memory but they are bit costly.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Laptop or Chromebook?

First you have to decide how express you want your Chromebook to be? Buying a laptop is much easy as compared to a chromebook. For a laptop you just have to look for an up-to-date AMD or Intel processor, and go for the affordable price. But Chromebooks do have variations of low-end microprocessors to pick from, and sometimes there are some which are alien to you.

How To Copy and Paste on Chromebook?

You can only do this on your Chromebook if you have a few apps open. You will need to have both the Android apps and the Chrome browser window open. The only way to do this is to have the Android apps open in the background.

The easiest way to do this is to have a document open in Google Docs and have the Docs app open instead of the standard Chrome browser.

What you need to do is to hold the ‘Ctrl’ key and then press the ‘Shift’ key along with the ‘V’ key on your Chromebook keyboard.

This will then take whatever your cursor is currently above and then paste it into whichever browser window you have open in front of you.

Type Control + Shift + C, wait for the page to load, and then type Control + V (or Control + S, if you’ve activated the Google toolbar).

Answer: Most recently visited pages and tabs

To see a list of the 20 most recently visited pages, press Control + Shift + T. To see a list of the 20 most recently opened Chrome tabs, press Control + Shift + O instead.

Another way to see the most recently opened pages and tabs is to look at your browser history.

Open the Chrome menu, click More tools, and then click the History List option.

How To Change Screen Resolution of Chrome Book ?

It is evidence – based truth the Chrome book is definite to entertain you with the high quality screen display. Because buying the Chrome book is a passionate about money to use. And with this extended money everyone is having great hope to enjoy their full clear screen resolution in HD display.

Regardless, the Chrome book in $ 800 – $ 900 must let you full HD screen with 14 inches display. The other chrome book also to be lesser in their money.
Simple thing is that the chrome book laptops are coming with the specialized display resolution. And the upcoming modernized designs are for maintaining their higher screen display with full HD quality.

Do the quick changes in your Chrome book to lengthen its screen display which magnificently benefit with the high resolution quality, HD video and picture display, maximizing the screen letters, full high quality for gaming as well.
Before changing your Chrome book screen resolution read the complete detail below so, you can easily fix up your demand in increasing resolution or decreasing it and to make everything easier to read on the screen display.

1. Select avatar icon box, time display, WI – FI, power in the lowest part of Chrome book.

2. Click the setting image.

3. Tap display in search bar.

4. Enter displays setting.

5. Pull the slider to the right side or left side. ( dragging the slider to right increases resolution and dragging it to left decreases the screen resolution )

6. Set the screen resolution according to the Chrome display.

7. The Chrome book screen resolution changes takes place.
“Standard Chrome book resolution”

The pixel count from the upright and down side that is vertical angle and horizontal angle is generally displayed as the resolution of chrome book. The two pixels together with their count stands for this screen have 1920 pixels vertically and 1080 pixels horizontally. And far on for the other screen resolutions.
The full HD screen resolution of chrome book begins with 1920 X 1080 p. this resolution is for the full HD display. While the non – HD chrome book screen resolution is for 1365 X 786 p. the HD screen resolution 1920 X 1080 pixel is generally better for the whole screen quality. This pixel rate is good for the full display in chrome book.
In manufacturer’s suggestion, the 1920 X 1080 p is the most suitable for chrome book screens. This pixel resolution rate is also appropriate in a possible manner to the coverage of high quality. But as a huge fall back it also causes the consumption of more power and device performance. The device working in the high rate cause a sudden heat up as well. Thus the pixel rates also have the non serious impacts on device performances.
These pixel rates have no damaging effect to the chrome book but only it causes a microscopic change in action performances.
Be care full in selecting the chrome book screen resolutions if you want the full HD display.


Hope we have covered everything that will help you in picking the best chromebook. Go through all this and get the one that suits your requirements.

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