Which Gaming Laptops Have The Best Battery Life

When it comes to taking your favorite titles with you while you move around then gaming laptops are definitely quite handy.

There was a time when the models weren’t the best in the battery life department, but almost all the latest laptops are now rectifying this issue. Today, all gaming laptops comprise imposing battery capacity.

Which Gaming Laptops Have The Best Battery Life

If you’re also in search of laptops that have the best battery life, you’ve come to the right place. We have gathered some of the best gaming laptops that have excellent battery life. And the best thing is each one of them caters to different types of users. Let’s put some light on these computers.

Lenovo Legion 5i:

This laptop allows you to play at the maximum resolution with higher graphical settings. This is the reason this laptop is considered a mid-tier offering that permits gamers to enjoy graphics over resolution.

For running most of the AAA titles 16 GB of RAM is now the industry standard. The best thing is the Legion 5i has this much straight out of the package.

It’s easy for you to run multiple processes at the same time with this much RAM, and games will also load faster. And when we look at the storage department, there’s 512 GB in the included SSD.

For some gamers, this capacity isn’t enough, but when you have the faster boot times they are certainly a great plus to have.  

The IPS display that it has makes sure that your games are brighter, and the 144 Hz refresh rate allows even the most simple actions to appear smooth.

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Peripherals include four USB-A ports and a single USB-C port for charging with an HDMI port and Ethernet slot. And when it comes to battery life, this laptop can go for nine hours on a single charge.

That’s much better compared to some others machines out there, with this much battery you can play your games outside all day.

Acer Nitro 5:

This one is not that expensive so you can afford it. For this reason, this one is quite popular among those who can’t afford more impressive devices.

But they’re more suitable for gaming laptops than standard laptops. Particularly this model works well for long periods of 1080p gaming.

Backed with an AMD Ryzen 5 4600H processor, this laptop has the ability to perform some pretty challenging tasks.

The processor comprises six cores and can touch speeds of 4.0 GHz. And this should be enough for most titles out there.

When we look at its GPU, this gaming laptop includes an NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti. It’s not the most exceptional pick out there, but most of gamers prefer this graphics card for its power at lower prices.

You can easily run games at lower settings and get consonant frame rates with the 1650 Ti. If you are into lower-level gaming, then eight GB of DDR4 RAM is enough.

This much RAM can easily manage many titles and less-demanding games with much ease. The Nitro 5’s internal storage is not that good when compared to our other contenders, as it comprises only 512 GB. But as this one is an SSD, it can speed up boot times.

So if you want to play video games on the go it will not be an easy task, particularly when it comes to online games.

Which Gaming Laptops Have The  Best Battery Life

If you like peripherals, then the Nitro 5 has ports for them all. It has eight hours of battery life, which means this gaming laptop allows you to game anywhere and play all day. As it doesn’t comprise powerful hardware, you can game for longer.

The Acer Nitro 5 is an outstanding pick for the gamer with a tight budget. In this price range, this one is the best. And if you want you can always upgrade to a stronger model later on.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14:

The best thing about this one is it only weighs 3.6 pounds and it’s very handy when you are on the move. And of course, The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 is certainly great for gaming on the go, as you can carry it with you effortlessly.

The internal hardware comprises an AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS, which has the ability to beat the 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H and runs at 2.30 GHz.

It has the 16 GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q. So you can easily run high-end titles with above-average settings.

The DDR6 RAM is far better and more effective compared to previous versions, allowing for better performance.

It’s also possible for you to even open the laptop up and add of eight GB RAM to reach 24 GB. When we look at its screen it’s only 1080p, it brags a 120hz refresh rate.

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The games that it displays are quite stunningly detailed but won’t go beyond 1080p120.  Through the HDMI port, you can easily attach a second monitor to get around this.

And its battery life is of 10 hours from a single charge; you can take it out for the whole day and still have some battery left.

Razer Blade Stealth 13:

The market is full of affordable laptops and monitors and this is the reason the 4K gaming is becoming more and more accessible.

The Razer Blade Stealth 13 is in the middle in terms of 4K-ready gaming laptops. It does offer an impressive battery life but it’s not the best.

The processor comprises a strong six-core Intel i7-1065G7, which can easily run most popular games with little adjustments. It can smoothly run graphically lenient games with consistency.

It comprises a dedicated four GB of VRAM, which allows you to run just about any latest title at 4K. The main attraction of this one is its screen.

It’s fully 4K UHD and comprises touch-screen capabilities. Weighing just three pounds, it’s quite handy to carry around with you.

Not only has it managed to run many games at 4K the laptop also has an incredible 11 hours in battery mode.

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Running games in 4k is quite resource-taxing, but having that capacity is awe-inspiring. If you want to enjoy 4K gaming without spending much, the Razer Blade Stealth 13 is a great pick.

Alienware Area-51m R2:

Alienware has been a powerhouse when it comes to making gaming laptops. And they are doing the same when they make powerful laptops.

This one is particularly built for hardcore gamers who enjoy running games at the highest settings possible while outside.

Almost all of the AAA title games will certainly shine on this gaming laptop, as it has the Intel Core i9-10900K processor.

And if you don’t want that much power, you can also swap that to an i7-10700K. Both options are very strong and can provide consistent performance.

The quality of this laptop is top notch; so gamers also ponder how much RAM it can support. You can pick from 16 or 32 GB of RAM out of the box, and it can also manage up to 64 GB for even the most extreme tasks.

The lower capacities are more logical as many users won’t require that much. The 17.3 in. screen comprises a refresh rate of 300 Hz. And as it’s having NVIDIA’s G-Sync, your games will look more detailed.

It has a battery life of around six hours because it runs games at 300 Hz and with high graphical settings.

You can add more time to its battery life by lowering the game’s frame rate and settings. If your budget allows then this gaming laptop with powerful and excellent battery life is perfect for you.


So we have tried our best to put some light on the gaming laptops that have the best battery life. The laptops that we have mentioned above are amongst the best gaming laptops with excellent battery life.

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