Why is My Laptop Fan So Loud

It’s very irritating and annoying also when you’re laptop fan is so loud and sometimes you don’t have any idea as to what to do with this issue.

But you don’t have to worry about this we will discuss some factors that will help you to fix this problem. And we will also shed some light on the reasons your laptop fan is so loud.

So if you are interested in learning about why your laptop fan is so loud and how to fix it, then you’re at the right place.

So when the gentle hum of your laptop suddenly gets much louder. And when the noise becomes more loudly than you can tolerate then don’t worry you can fix it.

The main reason for heat buildup is the jammed up space inside the device and the high capacity batteries it uses to run.  And because of this heat up, your laptop fan runs swifter, that leads to some extra noises.

Many people ask this question why our laptop fan is so loud and how to stop the noise that is coming from the laptop fan, don’t worry we will guide you and you can fix this issue but it will be on your own risk.

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There are some factors that you should know about fan noise.

The fan, most likely the noisiest laptop element within your computer, helps to cool down your laptop, particularly the CPU (central processing unit). Almost all the computers release the heat as the electricity they eat up and then transfer it around their circuitry, all in condensed space. 

Too much of distracting noises can stop you from focusing on your work and not only this it can negatively impact your laptop also.

If your laptop overheats very often then it may lead to frequent shut down and something called a thermal check. This shutting down usually happens when the laptop fan comes to a pre-set temperature, a built-in safety feature in all computers.

Causes for a Loud Laptop Fan:

 The main reason your laptop fan is making loud noises is a failed or broken fan resulting in your laptop overheating. But what is the reason for overheating? Let’s look at some primary reasons:

Software Problems:

Many people are not aware of this that software running in never-ending loops can lead to extra demand on your laptop, making it produce more heat than is required.

Most people usually make changes to their computer’s operating system (OS) or install software that’s running nonstop in the background, and this leads to a systems overload. And in this kind of situations there is too much load on your laptop, and leads to overheating, meaning your laptop fan is working more resulting in the loud noises.

So it’s always better to check in time what you’re up to right before your laptop goes crazy and starts making noise or shuts down. If you are into some demanding 3D gaming or watching videos, then it will definitely it puts way more stress on your laptop than browsing the internet. 

Choked Vents and Stained Fan:

There are more chances of a laptop getting overheated if it gets older. Particularly if you’re not cleaning the vents regularly, they get blocked up with dust that stops the internal airflow, because of this the fans spin much swifter and make more noise.

Inappropriate ventilation can also be one of the reason your laptop gets overheats and make noise, and it’s also your usage of your laptop that decides whether there’s enough ventilation or not.

Some people place their laptop on their lap or a soft surface, like a pillow or blanket, and this can block the vents, this leads to reduced airflow, which activates overheating.

So it’s better to evade soft surfaces and put your laptop on a hard, flat surface when using it. If possible put it slightly higher to allow better air circulation. And don’t forget to clean your laptop regularly.

Hard Disk Failure:

When you hear buzzing, eroding, or clicking noises coming from the area near your hard drive, it’s a sign hard drive failure is on the way, and in this case you need to get your files backed up. The hard drive gets noisier when the mechanisms inside an HDD start to break down; and only option you have after backing up your data is to replace the hard drive with a latest model.


Sometimes a virus, worm, or certain kind of malware is another well-known cause for overheating laptops. Because of this the processor maxes out, and when this happens often, the system finally overheats.

Hackers also can cause problems to your laptop. Like internal elements can get over heated. But don’t think about this too much as it’s beyond your control. The best thing you can do is invest in reliable antivirus software.

Old-fashioned Drivers: Most people gets into action after their laptop gets noisy, but if you think about it before and ponder when the last time you updated your drivers it would be much better.

It’s quite important to update your drive regularly as outdated and not optimized drivers affect laptop efficiency remarkably. When you don’t update your driver then your system has to work harder and gets louder even when performing simple tasks.

How To Prevent Your Laptop Fan from Being So Noisy?

So as we discuss above, there’s a valid reason for concern when you hear loud noises coming from your laptop. But the good thing is, it’s often a situation you can handle with much ease. If you do these things.

Kill Background Processes:

This is a fact that most noisy fans are a result of hardware that is managing more demands. So examine if there are any background processes that are active and are causing your laptop to run hotter. You just have to disable these processes to get rid of the demand.

And you have to remove the programs that you’re not using by following this simple method.

If you’re using a Mac, use the Activity Monitor. You can easily set in motion the Activity Monitor by finding it on Spotlight by pressing Cmd + Space or you can do it with the help of Launchpad icon on your Dock, by opening the other folder, and then clicking on the Activity Monitor icon.

And if you are using   a Windows, activate the Task Manager by using Ctrl + Shift + Esc, the “three-finger salute,” or Ctrl + Alt + Del if you’re a Windows 10 user. 

One more time, for Mac users, clear anything that you don’t require by going to System Preferences > Users > Startup and deleting it. For Windows 10, edit the startup folder.

Clean you’re Fan: If you think that the noise has nothing to do with the hard drive, then you must clean your fan because it might be dirty. Choked up fan vents normally stops airflow, leading to causing your laptop to heat up and make sounds.

Some people do hesitate to void their warranty by opening up their laptop, and sometimes they are not good at doing so, but you don’t worry, there is a way of cleaning your laptop fan without opening it. But you have to first get ready to get dusty.

A can of compressed air will do the job for you. Just point it at the laptop’s cooling vents, and blow some air at them. If you’re good with laptop repair and services, you can also use a cloth to rub the laptops inside vents and any open area that has gathered dust. If possible try changing the thermal paste on the heat sink.

But do this only if you are good with this —and it will be at your own risk.

Your Laptop should be cool: You have to cool your laptop if it’s unable to cool adequately. You can Use a cooling pad as they are particularly built for this purpose.

Things have changed now the cool accessories comes with LEDs with manageable wind speeds, built in USB hubs and temperature sensors. There was a time when laptop coolers were metal plates with fans in the base to maximize airflow.

But today’s coolers are far better than those coolers as they minimize the operating temperature and are a great accessory, particularly if you place your laptop under load for continuous periods playing demanding 3D games. And the best thing is, you also have the option for a clip-on fan cooler. It pulls out hot air from your laptop, minimizing the operating temperature.

So we have discussed some of the reasons of laptop fan being noisy. And we have given you some tips also to safe your laptop fan from being noisy. Now look at some of the frequently asked questions related to this topic.

Why is My Laptop Fan So Loud?

It’s a proven fact now that the dirt is the main cause of laptop noises. Dirt can harm your system in many ways including blocking your laptops fan, which results in loud noises. As we have discussed above you need to open your laptop or use a blower to remove all dust particles. It will be good if you do this at least every six months.

How Do I Stop My Laptop Fan From Being So Noisy?

Before you go into more details just check whether the cool air is reaching your computer or not. And try to put your computer in a location that helps it cool down. It’s always better if you clean your fans and vents regularly. Make sure to check your fans are well in order if not then replace them.

Is It bad If My Laptop Fan is Loud?

Yes certainly loud computer fans and loud laptop fans are indication of problems, particularly if the noise continues for a long period of time. The job of a computer fan is to maintain the coolness of your computer, and extreme fan noise means they’re working harder than they usually do.


Why is My Laptop Fan So Loud?

Laptop fans are so loud… It is simply the procedure of generating heat. If your laptop comes to pass with a louder sound, surely your laptop is producing extremely heat causing it to be hot every time. Dust entering into the laptop is the starting point for disturbance.

Basically, the main purpose of fans in laptops is to remove the heat. In laptops, heat is often assembled by processors. Laptops fans emitting louder noise can have the worst effects on laptops.

Commonly, it is a bad demonstration and it must be treated at once. The normal laptop fans also remove the air but on average distinct dimmer sound.

Why is My MacBook Fan So Loud?

If you are using your gadget in the faint surrounding, and suddenly you hear the thundering interference of router/fan this must be unpleasant to you.

This is the sign of the cooling method and it is surely an ordinary thing. But if you are having your laptop’s MacBook fan to loud suddenly it is not really an incorrect path.

This happens just because of internal materialized components that are increased by the cooling down process of MacBook. To prevent the MacBook louder sounds, set it on a horizontal and smother surface just like a table and desk uniform place.

This will help in supplications for airflow. The MacBook generally gets hot if there is a blockage of air and the flow is restricted.

Assure the passage of air is definite, lower down the functioning programs to use and remove the recent web browsers. The MacBook fans become hot if the mac is unable to release the air. And it requires the procedures that use electrical energy for continuing its releasing processes.

The often heating of MacBook fan is a damaging sign to laptop it PC but there is some defense security that will prevent MacBook fans from their loud noise and overheating.

Why My Computer Fan is So Loud?

A laptop fan is a simple fan located inside the case usually used for the cooling purpose. The fans are generally used to glamor the cool air into the case and throw out the warm air. You often notice that when your computer is continuously gushing, it becomes hot and formulate a louder noise.

This might be a state that the computer is not working in an efficient manner. The excessive heat produced in computer helps it to move quickly which can potentially harms it’s domestic elements and the heat may lessen the computers effectuations.

The main causes for the fan loud noise are given below.

  • It has not sufficient area for ventilation.
  • Accumulation of dust on fans.
  • The blocked fans and vents are the primary source of noise.
  • Manual Destruction.
  • Out dated device driver and the out dated BIOS is the major cause for loud fans.

Fans are usually used to move the heated air outside of the computer that is often produced by the motherboard, processor, and the graphic cards of the computer.

 Why computers make a noise?

There might be many issues for the fulminate stochasticity like the fans are too small, and might they are not fixed tightly at their position or they are not in intense sufficiently.

Why My MacBook Air Fans Make a Noise?

MacBook is overheated when it often gives a kick start and also heated when it continuously keep doing vigorous tasks.

If the fan makes too much noise there are some secure ways for cooling down of MacBook and to lower the noise.

  • By analyzing cooling the fans.
  • Free up litigates power and memory.
  • By recuperating the air conditioner.
  • Readjust the SMC setting (system management setting).

If the device is working for vigorous tasks like HD video, playing heavy games or indexing the hard drive by doing all this the MacBook fan becomes heat up and make a remarkable noise.

The surrounding temperature is also a cause of fan noise. The internal and external temperature must be managed because the degree of hotness and coldness plays an integral role for a fan.

When the surrounding temperature is admirable, the fans switch on within a short time and run as fast as one’s legs can carry one.

MacBook Pro fan always on;

An easy MacBook pro fan always sticks in simply try to clean the MacBook fans from the assembled dust. A MacBook pro fan always should be on. The MacBook  Pro fan shouldn’t be necessarily noisy or flowing with the high speed all the time.

Why is My Laptop Fan So Loud

If the fan is moving with the maximum RPM,(generally around6,000on a MacBook). Which demonstrate that the software is that is flowing on your MacBook will might be emphasise the CPU and GPU.

The MacBook Pro fan must be on always, if the fan is not working for the prolonged time the MacBook more distinctly needs to shut down to keep the compensation from heat excessively.

Dell Laptop Fan Noise

The dell laptop often heat up as far as the flow Po f air over due to dust which block the air duct, fume ports on the obstructed fans.

The main symptoms we frequently noticed when our laptop becomes overheated.

  • The computer might sporadically restart or shut down.
  • System interpretation shorten unexpectedly.
  • While playing heavy games the laptop may stop restoring or may lessens it’s performance.
  • When there is excess heat produced the fan inside the computer become noisy as they start revolving faster to remove the excess heat from the Dell laptops.


The main causes for dell laptop noise is

By reducing the heat inside the computer to do better performance that might prevent the internal components from any destruction. Dust accumulation is also the main cause for any laptop fan noises. The other reasons of noise in dell laptops is there by temperatures which could be over heat up the laptop.

Many types of laptops like dell laptop can only work in temperature allying 95 Degrees and 35 Degrees Fahrenheit.

If you need a laptop for your work or for any other purpose in the temperature above from that range, your laptop might need the spring season for your laptop.

HP Laptop Fan Noise

The branded HP laptop fan is running faster every time with the emission of louder sounds. If your HP laptop fan  noise stays for the extended period of time, there might be a significant issuing for your laptop fan. Modifying the settings is steadily moderating the noisy problems of your laptop fans. Up date and clean the vents. Fixing the matters of HP laptop noise is the employment in particularly windows 10 for your HP laptop.

 In a major manner, fan is the most fundamental factor in laptops or PC. But if there is some even or minor blockage in the vents of your laptop unfortunately will damage it in various ways.

Just as the passage of long time, there is surely -an abnormal effecting on the laptop causing in the form of overheating . accommodation the dominance power setting lessen it’s wastage. Make sure to keep the HP laptop fan up to maximum temperature of 30°C. This temperature is helpful in reducing the number power ingestion for laptop.

Why is My PC So Loud?

why is my laptop fan so loud

The fans are the extensive producers for the louder noise. The main element of PC are hard disks and vents, and these two major components are the leading keys for louder sounds. If any other element of the desktop have some disturbances it can also lead to excess noise to be removed instead of air.

The damaging of internal components can break the outside framework of a PC. The louder noise of PC is not a minor thing to be neglected. The gathering of dust particles also have the damaging effect on it’s action.

Your PC will happen to be louder when it is emitting heat in excessive quantity, causing the PC fans to spin faster as a serious conclusion. This will remove the high heat from PC vents due to it’s negativity actions. Graphics cards in your PC, Hardware disks and supplying power generates heat in excess quantity. This will make a sudden rise of temperature to your PC and the computer becomes overheated due to it’s sensible constituents.

There are also some circumstances in which fan noise is a normal thing, just as in editing files, playing heavy games online, performing high stress tasks and many other. If you’re fan is noisy at this don’t worry. But if your PC fan is loud continuously at the normal conditions as well, there must be some issues.

Laptop fan not working!

The main reason for the fan failure is the obstructed duct. The laptop fan stop working when it becomes too blocked with dirt or undergoes injury from any accidental globe.

The solution for the fan working you have to use the transcribed air to dust out through the intel. You also have a choice for the cleaning of other internal components

The fan also stop working when there is a short area for it’s respiration. There are some solutions which are considered to be useful when the fan stop working:

·         By lifting up your laptop

Let us start with something simple. By raising your laptop will present it the larger area for the air to circulate with competence. This gives you fan a more space to do much more rotation.

·         By plunging the laptop cooler

These small gadgets are of low cost and removable so you don’t want to fetch them around when you do not want it.

·         By cleaning up the fans

If the first and second tip does not become helpful for the fan, then this last thing is to clean the fans. Accumulation of dust particles is not new for the laptops who often becomes overheated.

Regrettably, laptops are scarcely maintained if at all. When the fan is producing a considerable amount of noise it means the blades of fans are permanently blocked.

Why is My Laptop Fan So Loud

Why is My Laptop Fan So Loud?

Laptop fans generally represents heat. If you have observed that your laptop is making louder noise, it is the sign that your laptop has a lot of heat to remove. When you are using laptops for a long time, the fans will surely move with greater speed causing the laptops to be overheated. The thundering block in laptop is fan.

“The fan will happen to sound louder when the major output of work is given to laptop and as input it causes the laptop fan a sudden rise to noise.”

The grime powder or dust is the major creator of noise. You should clear the airflow using blower to remove all dust particles, and this phenomenon should be taken on yearly basis.

How Do I Stop My Laptop Fan From Being So Loud?

Having the dust particles on air flow is the peak reason for noisy laptop. There might be any other microscopic particle on vent that can block it. The noise loudness is also dependent on the laptop using surface.

“It is better to use laptop on flat surfaced desk or a table then to it’s use on the couch or on lap upper your blanket.”

The vent is also blocked when your holding it on your hand. The successors keys for fixing successor’s are just easy to do.

1. Keep laptop cool.

2. Terminate the processors.

3. Change fan place.

4. Reset the Mac ( SMC).

5. Let the fan check out by expert.

Is It Bad If My Laptop Fan Is So Loud?

Fans in laptops are basically to hesitate the heat that is produced by laptop components working. If the fans are not releasing the produced heat, it may cause the creation of disturbances or louder noises. Louder noises out of laptop is undoubtedly a worst sign for damaging laptop.

Louder noises in laptops must treated well in time to save your laptop from damaging it. The other case in laptop is the spinning time faster can also cause louder noise. This indicates superlative working of laptop.

Why Is My Laptop MacBook Fan So Loud?

The MacBook can cause the fan noise. The fans spinning with greater speed can rush towards the high heat emissions.

“Normalizing the high temperature by installing the laptops fans to the cooler area. MacBook fans can run more smother and faster by increasing the airflow of inside laptop components.”


Hope after Why is My Laptop Fan So Loud? you will be able to take care of your laptops fan if it’s noisy. But go slowly do it only if you are comfortable doing it.

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