Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs

It’s a dream of every die-hard gaming fan to build the best gaming PC and enjoy gaming because a prebuilt gaming PC minimizes the effort of merging everything together.

We cannot deny the fact that PS4 and XBOX are excellent but, they can’t be compared to a PC as these high-end gaming PCs that we will discuss are certainly more powerful.

A stronger desktop has the ability to crush the consoles in every manner. Whenever we talk about gaming PC/desktop the question that comes to our mind is which one is better? A Best Prebuilt Gaming PC or Building a gaming PC?

The answer to this question is quite easy, as we are not in the age where technology has not advanced so much, in those times people used to build a powerful gaming PC because they didn’t have any other choices.

But now the technology has progressed so much that you can get the prebuilt gaming systems at the same cost that building a PC would take. And the best thing is we are free from adding everything together we can afford to keep things simple.

In this way you can definitely say that a prebuilt gaming PC is certainly better. And of course, if you want you can truly alter them according to your gaming needs.

As we discussed above that there are a lot of plus points in buying a prebuilt, you just have to understand that there will be an added labor cost to these systems. Prebuilt makers are doing a business for sure, so definitely there will be a mark-up on the build.

You can say that the only con to a prebuilt PC is value, as you can easily build a gaming PC of the same spec for less. It’s up to you; you can always go with a prebuilt but building a PC is not that difficult also. As there is enough content available written or video to help you out.

A Prebuilt Gaming PC Is Plug n Play

The best thing about a prebuilt gaming PC is it allows you to start as soon as it arrives by just powering a pre-built gaming PC.

Usually all the makers always pre-install Windows 10 onto the PC, along with any important drivers and BIOS updates. The PC will also contain the RAM speeds that match the full dormant that is displayed; you don’t need to go into the BIOS and XMP. 

Don’t forget, a few PC building companies also include a free mouse and keyboard, so nothing is stopping you from enjoying the PC from day one.

Beware Of Entry-Level Prebuilt

Almost all the mid-range to high-end prebuilt gaming PCs provide outstanding performance, but there are some entry-level pre-builts that are not up to the mark and can waste your money.

The Entry-level systems that have combined graphics or timeworn, infirm graphics cards are a big waste of money. Whenever you game on them, your gaming affair will not be pleasant as all the games you play will be in low settings and poor resolutions.

Gone are the days when gamers were satisfied with low computer staging, numbing, and poor graphics for the sake of their passion. Primitive computers were big and slow-paced. They just assisted those games which have the most fewer system requirements.

In the present era, games are much more realistic. For this practicality to be of top quality, the gamer requires a powerful computer. For instance, games from the list 5 Best Medieval Games 2020 cannot be played without a good system.

A gaming computer is a must to satisfy the gamer with quality gameplay and an essential world. Most people think that an ordinary computer can succeed in a specific gaming computer.

 The gaming computer has many features that an ordinary computer lacks. Usually when you look at the games for computers they are at least twice as economical as console games. This means the patron of computer players is bigger as compared to the audience of game consoles.

By keeping this in mind, the designers have to redeem the cost of game expansion and rendering. Gaming PCs generally helps the gamer to see the virtual worlds as makers dream of them, experience excellent graphics without interruptions and long loads, with specific drawings and special effects.

Normal PC usually slows down the pace of the game, makes noise, becomes heated very fast, or sometimes will not run the new game. And you just can’t explain how it feels when you are ready to play a new game with your friends and your PC is not running the game.

If compare gaming on an ordinary PC with a new advanced gaming PC, it’s like tolerating a TV series online with poor-quality Internet: delays, flaky images, and consists some long loading scenes. But no need to tolerate anything now, because almost all the manufacturers are churning out some advanced gaming PCs which will help you to have a pleasant time while gaming.

 There are plenty of choices for you to pick from, here is the list that can help you.

Cyberpowerpc Gamer Master – Best Budget Gaming PC

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Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs
Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs

Acer Predator Orion 9000 – Best RTX 2080Ti Gaming PC

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Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs
Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs

Corsair one pro – Best Powerful Gaming PC

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Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs
Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs

Skytech Archangel – Best Gaming PC $700

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Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs
Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs

Dell XPS Tower Special – Best Gaming PC Under $100

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Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs
Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs

Latest ELUK OMEN 30L – Latest Gaming PC 2021

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Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs
Best Gaming PC Desktops with Powerful Specs

Best Gaming PC Buyer’s Guide

It’s very crucial for all gamers to know which gaming PC is ideal on the basis of hardware and other elements. You just can’t waste your hard-earned money by picking the wrong one. So it’s always better to do a little bit of research and purchase. We tried to help you by writing some things you should consider before buying a gaming PC.

Prebuilt Gaming PC or Building a Gaming PC?

It’s always a daunting task to combine everything together when you are building a gaming PC. Especially when you’re not a specialist in building desktops, you might fail because it’s not that much easy.

But you look at these prebuilt gaming PC, which consists of all the stunning elements in the same range of building a desktop. So it’s not a bad idea to have the prebuilt gaming PC.

Which Graphics Card?

When you want to play games in 60fps then the 1050 Ti is a perfect graphics card for you. The purpose of suggesting this GPU is that it comes within the economical Gaming PCs and still you get the 60fps on 1080P resolutions.

If you can spend some more money then, you can also buy a high-end GPU on the Gaming PC like the corsair one pro and the Acer Predator Orion 9000 to name a few.

Which Processor?

If you are looking for the best Gaming PCs on the market with the 8th Gen six-core then most definitely i7-8700K CPU is excellent but they are a little bit costly.

If your pocket allows you, then it’s the best thing to buy as it will always take good care of your processing needs.

If you want to look for other options then you have these 6th Gen Core i7-7400K processors which are a little bit cheaper as compared to others and they perform better also.

If you can afford the high-end processor just go for it will definitely provide you with better results.

Which RAM?

When you talk about the RAM it’s always better to stick to a minimum of 8GB. But never ever think of getting something below the 8GB RAM as you’ll be stuck with poor performance on 4GB. 8GB is always standard and preferable.

There is actually no need for you to spring to the 128GB.  But if you wish you can but it will cost you more money.

Which HDDR?

Almost all the gaming PCs that we mention in our list are not less than a 1TB hard drive. But if you look deep maybe some of them are more than 1TB.

But a minimum of 1TB is suggested as it will help you to store ample data in there if you’re a diehard gaming fan. If you feel then you can go above also.


A Gaming PC with SSD is always superior as it can magnify the performance on the rig and it’s also very helpful in more storage other than the HDDR.

As compared to others the gaming desktops which are without SSD have minimum storage and staging. If you go for the one with SSD then it will be good.


Gaming PC is the need of gamers. And it’s quite irritating for the gamers to deal with low-end gaming PCs. But now all the manufacturers are churning out some next-generation PCs that you’ll never regret buying. If you think that they are expensive gaming PCs. It’s because of their expensive elements.

There are many gaming desktops that are quite affordable and delivering some fantastic results also. The gaming rigs on the list that we stated are all best rated and knock the competition of best gaming PCs 2021.

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