What is The Difference Between an iPad and Tablet

Technology has transformed tremendously in recent years and there are many products that we use daily. Not only do we have various products but we have also versions of products available in the market.

What’s the difference between an iPad and Tablet?

So many people get confused in this situation. And the most common question that people usually have is: What is the difference between an iPad and a tablet? Aren’t they the same thing?

So let’s put some light on this but before that let’s look at what exactly an iPad is, and what a tablet is…

What is a Tablet PC?

A tablet is internet enabled and portable computing machine comprising a touch screen display. So if you want to get the most out of your tablet then you should have internet access.

Normally it’s much smaller as compared to a notebook computer but bigger compared to a smartphone, tablet PCs are built very sleek and light and comprise downloadable apps.

Tablets are operated by touch screen so there is no keyboard. But there are some tablets that have the option of attaching a physical keyboard if that’s what you prefer. But, you have to buy a keyboard apart as they are not supplied with tablets.

People prefer tablets for their express speed. They turn on swiftly and provide access to the internet and apps in no time. If you want you can also run small programs like Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows, and Apple iOS on them.

Tablets are exceptional for people who usually work within Microsoft-based office conditions. If you want to run Windows programs, then tablets are an ideal compromise between a tablet and a laptop.

What is an Ipad?

Most people know the Apple brand, and the iPad is the name for Apple’s line of handheld computers. Apple comprises its own Operating System known as iOS and all iPads run on this system.

iPads and Android tablets have many things in common, and at the same time, they also differ in many aspects. Let’s look at some of the differences that they have.

What is The Difference Between an iPad and Tablet


Tablet is quite a familiar name for a number of gadgets that almost and mostly use a touch screen for their functioning, but different manufacturers offer distinct specs.

IPad is Apple’s version of a tablet. As we mentioned above almost all the tablets use Google’s Android operating system, and the iPad runs on Apple’s iOS.

It’s not possible for an iPad to interact with various apps at once, but when we look at tablets they are versatile – you can easily use one app whilst running other apps in the background.

When we look at the features then iPads have more features than Android tablets, but you can’t say that they are the best pick as that depends on which features you are interested in.

IPads comprise a huge number of apps and when we look at the android tablet the number of well-suited apps is quite small.

Let’s have a look at the areas in which the iPad and tablet are strong and weak.

IPAD: Strong Zones:

As compared to tablets iPads are normally much easier to use and run smoother.  But the difference is barely noticeable.

When we talk about overall user experience, Apple’s iOS is certainly much better than Google’s Android OS system for the average user.

Apple’s operating system is very simple and anybody can use it with much ease, strong, and comprise an intuitive interface.

iPad facilitates close integration between machines. It’s possible for you to cut and paste between your iPad and Macbook when both are running the latest Operating System. And when we look at Android tablets they are way behind in this area.

Most people know that the App Store comprises virtually every downloadable app that you can imagine.

It currently has a collection of one million apps particularly built for the iPad. Another million can also run in compatibility modes.

Compared to an android tablet it is much easy to post updates on social networks on an iPad as it has deep integration of Facebook and Twitter.

What is The Difference Between an iPad and Tablet

IPAD: Weak Zones:

If you want to add more storage then most Android tablets make it pretty easy for you. As most of these machines comprise a microSD card slot so you can really add a lot of memory if required.

And when we look at the iPad, it doesn’t give you any way to expand its storage. You will be stuck with what you get when you buy, so always keep this in your mind when making your purchase.

In this situation when you run out of space on your iPad then you have to delete something in order to make some room.

You can easily buy iPads that comprise a bigger storage capacity, but they are expensive. But if you want to add more space even those devices won’t let you add more.

The iPad is certainly way behind any Windows or Android tablet. Of course, it allows you to move icons around, change your wallpaper, and even specify particular apps to use in specific situations, but that’s nothing when compared to Android and Windows.

You can pick whatever kind of app you require to use for any work with these machines and it allows you to customize all types of fonts, screen images, and much more. 

If it can be adjusted, then it’s possible for you to do it on Android and Windows. The same can’t be said for the iPad.


You have plenty of options to customize the device, according to your needs. There are many products at hand, from Google Nexus, and Samsung Galaxy to Kindle Fire. And when it comes to choices there are truly thousands of different Android tablets to pick from.

Android’s Google Play marketplace has stretched enormously and now brags a huge number of apps to pick from.

The Android OS that tablets run makes sure that they have true multitasking: you can use one application while others run in the background. iPads can’t do this.

If you want to expand your storage it can be done with SSD cards in most Android tablets.

And more importantly, Android tablets are usually much cheaper compared to the Apple iPad.


The Android system is not as simple as compared to Apple’s iOS to use, but slowly you will get used to it.

Though Google’s Play Store claims that it has a huge number of apps, it comprises fewer apps that are optimized for Android tablets. Unlike Apple, Goole permits tablet users to install apps from third parties with much ease.

What is The Difference Between an iPad and Tablet

When it comes to security it is an area that is certainly a weakness of the Google Play app store. All of the Android machines use a more open system where it’s possible for anyone to release an app without approval prior to release,

Sometimes this can lead to malignant apps sneaking through the system. But, this open approach is also helpful for developers to design more apps for the Android system.

Is an iPad a Tablet?

Yes, an iPad is a tablet.


Most of the people who are interested in getting a tablet normally go for either an iPad or an Android tablet.

Many people prefer Apple and it is the leading vendor but in recent years Android tablets have cemented their place in the market. And now it is making its presence felt.

So you can say that both the iPad and Android tablets are both capable devices, when it comes to using them for work,

Compared a Windows tablet which is compatible with Microsoft Office is certainly a better choice. But, the Windows store doesn’t have a huge collection of apps available for iOS and Android.

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