How To Charge a Laptop without a Charger

We know how it feels when you broke your charger, and don’t have another one. Many times this happens with many people and the reason for this is laptop makers always want to be different from other brands so are their chargers.

And when you want nobody around you to have the same brand as you do. But don’t worry there are several ways in which you can charge your laptop without a charger.

You don’t have to bother if you forgot your laptop charger at home and needed a quick charge. Let’s look at some of ways to keep your laptop charged, even without a charger.

Charging a Laptop without a Charger:

Many people get panic in a situation where there is no electricity, and their laptop doesn’t have enough battery. But if you know how to charge your laptop you don’t have to panic. So let’s put some light on the ways that might work for you.

Power Bank is a Good Option: If you don’t want any complications and want to have smooth sailing when charging your laptops without chargers then this is the best way.

Power banks are movable power sources for your laptop. You just have to plug your laptop into the power bank, and it will do the rest for you.

You can get power banks in many colors and shapes.  And the best thing is they are built with distinct charging capacities. Power banks are usually capable of recharging your battery once or twice even if you have to charge a high-powered laptop.

Make sure that your power banks are charged too if your power bank runs out of power, it’s hard for you to use it to charge your laptop.

One more important thing is, to use a power bank that is appropriate for your laptops, as most laptops in the market comprise 5V USB output, and a Laptop requires a higher voltage as compared to smartphones. Usually, a Laptop requires a high voltage output of 16V-20V, depending upon your device specifications.

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Universal Adapter is Useful:

Sometimes when you have a primitive laptop model, the charger for that model will likely be discontinued. And if that happens you will be in trouble.

In this type of situation, you can bank on an adapter to charge your laptop without the model-specific laptop charger.

The universal adapters comprise AC/DC connectors and you can get them with distinct connecting tips. These tips support most of the multiple brands. And the best thing is you don’t have to buy a complete set to get a particular tip.

If you want you can buy tips separately also if you are looking for a specific tip. Universal adapters are quite similar to the laptop’s genuine charger.

It’s possible to use your laptop while it is being charged with a universal charger. But don’t set your amperage too high as it can overheat a laptop and this can damage your battery.  So be careful when using universal adapters.

Car Battery can Help:

When you travel a lot by road it’s hard to charge your laptop. As you will not have access to a wall socket and old chargers usually do not work without access to traditional wall electricity sockets.

But don’t worry you can use your car battery to charge your laptop. You just need a power inverter for using your car battery to charge your laptop without a charger.

You can plug your power inverters straight into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. They are good to power machines that operate at a nonstop power of 300 watts, which is plenty for your laptop.

Even though it’s heavy to carry around, this option is quite handy as it is easy to implement. Another flaw in this is the built-in voltage regulator usually is missing in these laptops.

Most devices are built in a way that allows for car use and contains built-in voltage regulators that adjust the battery voltage accordingly. And when we look at laptops they are built in a way that their distinct AC adaptors do all the regulating,

So be careful while charging your car with your car battery it’s a little bit tricky. Having an Extra Piece of Battery Helps: You can also get spare parts for a Laptop.

It helps when you are away from a power source for your laptop, then having an extra battery would be a relatively much easier way to go about having extra power when you are out. For charging your spare battery without any complications,

It’s better to have an external battery charger. If you want you can plug these external battery chargers into your wall, and then position your laptop battery on the machine. With the help of this device, you can easily charge your laptop and your spare battery at once.

If you want you can also get specific external chargers for particular brands. Whenever you are getting an external charger, make sure whether it is compatible with your laptop or not.

Externally Chargeable Laptop Battery:

People also prefer to use an external Chargeable battery as it’s one of the better ideas to charge a laptop without a charger.

If your laptop charger port is broken, or you need a power saver, then this option is perfect for you. But be careful when you get an external chargeable laptop charger, better to pick a brand specific-battery that matches your laptop.

Almost all the external chargeable laptop batteries comprise light indications which are very helpful to detect the battery level.

Your Smartphone Can Charge:

This way is usually used as a last option when there is an emergency. Almost all the smartphones can operate as power banks and supply your laptop with power.

But this one will not last for long even when you use up your battery power; the maximum you will get to power your laptop is for thirty minutes only.

But when you don’t have any other option then this is still a great solution. And it’s easy also the only thing you will need is a Type-C USB cable. You just have to connect your laptop to your smartphone with this cable, then select the appropriate option, and done.

How To Charge a Laptop without a Charger

How To Charge Laptop with HDMI?

If you want to charge your laptop with an HDMI cable, you should connect your HDMI cable to your television. Then, connect the other HDMI end to a Type-C USB port and plug the opposite end of the Type-C connector port into your laptop.

Is it possible to Charge a Laptop without Electricity?

Yes as we have discussed above you can do this by making use of a power bank. A power bank work as a backup power source for your laptop. When charged it stores power that can be used to supply your laptop with power. If you don’t have a power bank, but you own a fitting connector, you can charge your laptop in your car.

How to switch on a Laptop without a Battery or Charger?

You can turn on your laptop without a battery by using an AC adapter. Laptops are built in a way that they can run on battery power and an AC power supply. So if you plug the AC adapter into your laptop it will run even without a battery. Just make sure that you are using your laptop’s definite AC adapter.

How to Charge a Laptop with a broken Charger Port?

With the help of an externally chargeable laptop battery, you can charge your laptop with a broken charger port also. After using your laptop battery, take out the rechargeable laptop battery from the backside of your laptop, then plug it into the battery charger, and put the charger in the electric socket board. When your battery is fully charged, just load it back into your laptop and use it.

How to charge a Laptop with another Laptop?

For this, you have to place your battery into the other laptop but they should have the same voltage. By doing this it’s possible to charge your battery on the other laptop.


So we have discussed some ways of charging a laptop without a charger. Hope this helps you when your laptop runs out of power, and you desperately need to use it. Just go through all this stuff we are sure this will help you to charge your laptop without a charger.

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