DX Racer DOH FE08 Gaming Chairs 2023

You spend a lot of time and attempt to become a good gamer, even your own childhood in exchange. However, your health also reduces in that time. What should you do? Let me introduce the best gaming chair to you. It will help you to not only improve your health but also upgrade your gaming skill because it is produced to do that. It is the DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair.

Many gamers think that increasing their gaming time and investing in modern electronic devices (headsets, keyboards, monitors, speakers, controller) will support their skills. Ok! These things are good for your gaming.

Have you ever thought about the best gaming chair?

The DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair is manufactured with high-quality standards to offer you the last level of luxury and comfort. It not only is designed to heighten your gaming skill but also helps you effectively in work and relaxation.

DX Racer DOH FE08 Gaming Chairs
DX Racer DOH FE08 Gaming Chairs

Why select the DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO?

  • The backrest includes a lumbar pillow and neck pillow:

The DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair owns the backrest which is 32.09 inches. It is higher and straighter than other common office chairs on market. Therefore, it helps you to support your entire spine from the pelvis to the neck. That is very important to avoid bone problems.

The spine is designed at the center of the body to support the head. It helps to keep the weight of the head against gravity. However, sitting in the wrong posture can disrupt the link. You will meet problems with the neck, shoulder, headache, and sore arms and legs. You will not stand all day. These problems are so extremely dangerous for your health.

Therefore, the adjustable lumbar pillow and neck pillow are included. They support your bone effectively. You do not have back pain and neck pain while prolonged sitting.

With the DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair, your pains will be erased. When sitting, the high-straight backrest will help your back to be in the right posture.

Your back is not stooped, and your neck is not tired. That is wonderful. Your health will be improved so that you are powerful to enjoy your favorite games for a long time. Your skill is also upgraded quickly in gaming.

  • Armrests:

The adjustable armrests also support your arms and minimize tension build-up in your shoulders. You are easy to adjust it up-down to fit you. Besides, it has a soft pad cover, so you will be comfortable playing games while many hours.

  • Tilt mechanism:

The DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair owns a tilt mechanism, so the backrest can be lowered down to full 170 degrees. You can adjust and lock it to any angle you feel comfortable. Therefore, it is suitable to relax and sleep when you need it.

The function helps you to place your pelvis above your knees. This thing opens up your pelvic angle which will improve the “S” shape of your spine when you sit. Besides, this thing also reduces the load on your spine and improves blood flow. With the best gaming chair, your health is always appreciated.

  • Universal casters:

Due to iron casters, the DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair can be moved anywhere securely and firmly. It brings convenience and flexibility to your room.

  • Base with gas- spring:

The black metal star base makes the stability of chair to suffer the heavy load of the body. It is due to a gas spring, so it is height-adjustable to suit the different heights of your office desk and gaming desk.

Moreover, the chair can swivel 360 degrees smoothly, you are completely easy to roll. It allows you to access any adjacent work areas without standing up from them.

DX Racer DOH FE08 Gaming Chairs
DX Racer DOH FE08 Gaming Chairs

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design is excellent which is applied to create high-quality chairs. They are so flexible and adjustable. Therefore, the DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair is very comfortable and fits your body, and supports your gaming skill.

It helps you to move in any area you need it. It includes a lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow which also improves your sitting posture effectively. They help your back and neck to be tireless while sitting for a long time.

The inner truth

  • Steel framework:

The DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair is well-known for its product quality on market.  It is a smart seat that is produced carefully to support you in work, gaming, and relaxing. It has a steel framework inside to hold the balance and make stability for the chair. You are safe in it.

  • Sponge:

The chair is still built with a dense sponge. It does not become deformed, so you are comfortable. Your butt ached when sitting for hours.

Technical details

Item Weight55 pounds
Product Dimensions27 x 21 x 50 inches
Item model numberDOH/FE08/NO
Assembled Height45 inches
Assembled Width25 inches
Assembled Length20 inches
Assemble Seat Height47 inches

Recommended user BMI and height

BMI Formula

BMI= (Weight in Pounds/ (Height in inches x Height in inches)) x 703

Formula Series

Recommend User (BMI<25)/ Height: < 5’9” (175 cm)

The cost

Although the chair has quite an expensive price, the chair quality is ensured. It completely deserves to buy at this price. Besides, you still have a bonus which is free shipping. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame and is warranted for 2 years on parts. These things are good for the best gaming chair.

DX Racer DOH FE08 Gaming Chairs
DX Racer DOH FE08 Gaming Chairs

Customer reviews

According to the Amazon web, the DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair has earned 4.8 out of 5 stars. It has been given 5 stars which accounts for 60 percent. This shows that it is the best gaming chair. Many customers bought and believed it.

Disagreeable Things:

  • The arm caps are small and short.
  • The armrests do not angle like they should when you lean the chair back.
  • The chair is quite difficult to assemble.

The end

Honestly, reviews are your supporters to make a better decision when buying any product. My review is a great overview of the DXRacer DOH/FE08/NO gaming chair. You will understand more about it. You will see it owns wonderful features and functions to become the best gaming chair.

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