Best Gaming Chairs under $200

Gaming was not that much comfortable for almost all primitive gamers until the early 2000s, as they were gaming on standard chairs that lacked functional design, contentment, and style. This paved the way for an ultra-modern best gaming chair.

Now, things have completely transformed with the emergence of present-day gaming chairs that has all the ingredients of a gaming chair.

Not only it looks amazing but has a great build and is available online at very nominal price. The best thing about gaming chairs is that they provide you a healthy posture and helps in relieving physical pain that occurs from long sitting times; gaming chairs allow you to have a comfortable experience.  

The world’s first gaming chair was designed in the year 2006 by a luxury car seat company called DXRacer. After being set into motion, the chair was well liked by people as it looked trendy and was made of top-quality materials. In the beginning the price of this chair was a little bit high yet it was purchased by plenty of people.

Although it was the first gaming chair, it had a beefy padding, flexible armrests, a high backrest, and pelvic cushions for a comfortable experience.

The gaming chair played a significant role in easing the lives of gamers at that time by providing them comfort to play for longer time. But it was expensive and people were looking for best cheap gaming chairs, like they were expecting to buy the best gaming chair under $200.

So, following the footsteps of DXRacer, one more company by the name of Homall introduced the cheapest gaming chair in 2012.

After this many brands came into this field and designed gaming chairs with different features. Although people were a little bit hesitant when the chairs were introduced earlier, they gained their ground slowly and people started to like them.

People are not just content with the technology they want comfort also. Comfort has become a thing to discuss in the world of technology; it is beyond doubt that that the demand for gaming chairs is ballooning in almost every part of the world.

Gaming chairs are mainly built to keep away any type of vexation and bestow video game players with more solace all day so that they can enjoy gaming efficiently.

Every gamer wants the best comfort when he is gaming. And comfort comes with the right kind of posture, that’s why a gaming chair is the perfect investment for a gaming fan. Almost all the gamers are aware of the standard gaming chair that is a copy of your office chair.

But there are many other types of gaming chairs out there that are best for multiple gaming scenarios. Depending on the type of gaming you prefer and the platform you game on, you can pick the type of gaming chair that suits you best.

The gaming trend has remarkably progressed over the years, with the perfect unification of technology in the making of equipment being used.

There are many gaming equipments and among these is the gaming chair, and when you look at the various kinds on the market, you will be amazed to see how advanced these chairs are.

The basic gaming chair is like your office chair only, but if you look deeper look you will notice designs and features. There are some types according to your gaming needs.

Types of Gaming Chairs

PC Gaming Chair: It’s beyond doubt that these best PC gaming chairs are the most regular gaming chair in this slot. It’s a replica of a rotating office chair, and it is best suited for gamers who play PC games routinely.

To enhance the performance of the gamer and provide a healthier gaming experience, the PC gaming chair is made with technologies and designs that they used in racing car seats, to cater extreme ease and durability while you game for endless hours.

Just like the office rotating chair, the PC gaming seat is movable, with height adjustment features, but comes with added features that comprise easeful armrests, exclusive headrests, and unattached cushioning.

Racer Chair:

This gaming chair is particularly designed to serve racing games. That’s why people call it racer chair. It is made of materials like genuine leather and PVC leather.

Most of these chairs shape up like PC gaming chairs but with added cushioning, support and flexibility, some turn out like motorsport vehicle bucket seats because of their lower positioned design.

Not only do they provide extreme comfort when you game, but also very stable during long hours of use. The standard racing gaming seat includes casters, armrests, backrests, and height adjustment, reclining, tilting, and rotating features.

And more ultra-modern models will combine steering wheels, gas/brake foot pedals and wheel/pedal support plates.

All these features are designed to fully imitate real racing conditions. And there are many brands that work especially on making heavy-duty gaming chairs. As people also look for the best gaming chair for big guys.

Rocker Gaming Chair:

You can enjoy console gaming more when you are sitting closer to the floor. And for this purpose the rocker chairs are designed. As they don’t have legs or swivel, they can be easily positioned on the floor in a manner that you will be closer to the floor and they can be rocked.

With their L-shape, well-padded headrests, and backrests, the rocker chairs are built to provide more support as averse to sitting posture.

People regard these as the best console gaming chairs. Most rocker chairs are regular, with only simple features, but the V rocker lays out much more advanced structures.

Its design resembles to that of the rocker, but it has added features furnished for severe video gaming.

Usually, the entire V rocker gaming seats include a control panel, built-in in-speakers, and added tailored options comprising compatibility to DVD and home theatre.

Pedestal Gaming Chair: The pedestal gaming chair merge the resources of a rotating chair, rocker chair and a recliner.

It is a little bit higher, and unbend on a pedestal base rather than legs that empower it to rock and move.

The pedestal gaming chair, is a replica of a recliner, can be slanted, and can be leaned back as per the gamer’s selected sitting posture.

It features cozy cushioning on its backrest, armrests, and headrest. Subject to the gamer’s gaming needs, there are pedestal seats with added features like racing accessories, and built-in speakers.

Best Budget Gaming Chairs: You may get a decent and affordable gaming chair if you search.  You can find a durable PC gaming chair that will provide support you need to endure long gaming sessions.

But, if you’re looking for something more out your gaming chair, you have to expend a little bit more. The best affordable gaming chairs can cater you with basic comfort. But it may not come with added features that can enhance your performance.

Best Office Chair For Gaming:

The best office chair doesn’t mean that it should be a boring-looking seat and a better place to sit when your game doesn’t have to be something similar to a rally car.

Of course, attractiveness is not the major concern for the best office chairs, but there’s a specific style to them. So it’s better to go for the one that is comfortable for you.

Bean Bag Chairs: Bean bag chairs are big pouches that usually fill up with even suds and are enveloped with microfiber.

They’re not particularly built for gaming purposes, but many gamers prefer them as they are very soft and comfortable, and provide extreme solace when you sit on them while gaming.

They’re not functionally designed or supportive but can board a huge range of postures and positions.  

They may not be the best-rated gaming chairs, but gives you the freedom to lay out flat with plenty of room. Another reason many gamers choose them is that they tend to be cheaper than other options. Because of their softness, many people prefer them over the best gaming computer chairs.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Gaming Chair (Buying Guide):

System Compatibility: Most people look for the features and design, but it’s always better to make sure that your gaming chair is compatible with your gaming system of choice or not.

Most of the gaming chairs will connect to various platforms, some are restricted in their collaboration.

For example, a Racer Gaming Chair is perfect for racing games, but it’s not that much effective for other games.

Same with a PC Gaming Chair will not provide the same support for racing games, but it is optimal for use at the computer. The best desk chair for gaming also is not multitasking.

If you play various systems, you may need multiple chairs or at least one durable chair that can help you with a variety of different games.


Gaming chairs are really a big investment so you have to think deeply before getting one. Make sure that your gaming room has enough space to board your gaming chair, and still has space for friends to come over for enjoying gaming.

As most chairs are tall and heavyweight. It’s better to look into these maximums before buying, or you will be stuck with your chair without using it.


If you’re looking for a gaming chair, then it means you’re spending ample time on gaming. So it’s better for you to make sure that your chair has been functionally designed to provide you with much comfort while you are gaming.

The best features comprise forced lumbar support, mesh siding, a flexible back and neck rest, and the potential to slant backward.

These features will not only enhance your gaming experience, but they’re also very crucial for your neck and back health.

Extra Features and Tech:

Subject to your settled games of choice, you may want to have a gaming chair with added features. Like some chairs comprise Bluetooth inputs, subwoofers, and vibration potential, and others come with storage space for food and gaming controllers.

Some chairs have all of these features and more. If your pocket allows you, then you can go for this chair with all its bells and whistles. But if you are not going to use the headrest speakers or many settings, then it’s better not to waste your money.

Gaming chairs have the ability to make your gaming more pleasant, plush, and even unharmed experience. Some of the features are more expensive, but you have a choice of selecting features according to your system and gaming requirements.

Instead of buying a chair randomly, put some time into research and know which materials, tailored features, and additional tech goes best with your gaming pattern.

After getting an idea about gaming chairs, you can decide which one is tailor-made for you. And then you will be having plenty of chairs to pick from. Pick the best gaming chair enjoy your gaming and stay blessed.


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