X Rocker 5142201 Commander Audio Gaming Chair 2023

X Rocker 5142201 Commander Audio Gaming Chair Review

If one day you woke up and know you can not play games anymore, what would make you feel the most regret? You might regret it because you did not do anything you want.

You might regret that you have not been playing expensive game. You can regret because you have not been sitting in a room with all modern equipment’s such as the newest DVD, the most perfect gaming chair, the most lively sound system, the sharpest screen,. ..

If you had just $200 in your pocket, which equipment would you buy for your game? You may want to buy a lot of things at once, but you only have enough money to buy one device.

Our website will give you a hint about the product includes many functions. Even if you have $200 in your pocket, you can still own it.

In this review, we are referring to the product X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 Audio Commander 2.1. This is the chair combining many remarkable functions of other devices. You can play games while listening to music from the speaker’s chair.

X Rocker 5142201 Commander 2.1 Audio Gaming Chair

Please do not stop reading here because I will tell you some differences between this chair compared to the usual chair often.

The normal chair brings discomfort every time you play the game for a long time. Sometimes you want to play games, but the body aches make your game interrupted.

However, if you use the X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 Audio Commander 2.1, you will be extremely surprised.

The chair offers great comfort to you. You will not have to worry about body ache problems when playing games anymore. In addition, the chair is equipped with modern equipment to serve you effectively while gaming.

It takes just 5 minutes to read this review gaming chair. This gaming chair review will give you an overview of the X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 Audio Commander 2.1.

I am sure that you will not waste valuable 5 minutes of your life there.

Let’s explore!

Features and Specifications of X Rocker Gaming Chair

First, I give you a brief features of the chair. These are characteristics of a very outstanding and important.

  • This chair is an ideal partner for you to play video games, listen to music, watch TV,…
  • It has two speakers and a subwoofer use 2.1 AFM Technology for a total sound immersion experience
  • The chair has headset or RCA outputs so that you can play music from any source.
  • Comfort with ergonomic elevated seating position
  • It is designed with arms and pedestal with tilt and swivel capabilities
  • The cover of chair is made from durable and attractive polyeste

The design brings comfort

  • Ergonomic design

As I said before, the gaming chair is completely different from other ordinary chairs. What I want you to know first is about the X Rocker  5142201’s design. The chair is equipped with Ergonomic technology.

This technology means that the chair will provide users with an extremely comfortable back seat. This part has cushions on the padded neck, chest, and back to support your sitting. Your posture will be fixed most comfortably.

As you play the game for long periods, you often suffer from diseases of the neck, shoulders, and back. Therefore, the X Rocker Commander 2.1 with Ergonomic design is the same as a protector to save you from pain.

  • Lean back

Add a plus point in the design is its tilt. The manufacturer has carefully researched to create the perfect tilt for the chair. I believe that you will feel comfortable while leaning back and enjoying your favorite games.

  • Arms and pedestal

Its armchair is made from high-quality plastic. On the armchair is a cushion layer. This helps you avoid the pain from the arm if you put your hands on the chair too long. Besides, you can control the elevation of handrails.

X Rocker Gaming Chair Pedestal of 5142201 Audio 2.1 are also made from high quality plastic. The pedestal can tolerate enormous force when you sit down. It helps your posture is more advanced than the ground.

You will not have to worry about height or weight oversized as sumo anymore because the chair is always ready to help you safely.

The chair’s body is connected to the pedestal by a shaft. Therefore, the chair can rotate in either direction depending on your preference.

Through the three features I mentioned above, the X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 Audio Commander 2.1 will bring you comfort across the expectations. You can play games for long periods while using this gaming chair to ensure your health.

Attractive skin

Many gamers often do not pay attention to this feature. However, after reading this review, I suggest that from this moment onwards you need to be interested in it.

When you see a gaming chair, its cover design is the first thing for you to evaluate. Are you sure to buy a gaming chair having just good functional elements and don’t care about appearance? Of course not!

The cover of the chair is made from durable and attractive polyester. This material will be difficult to turn when you sit much. The back of the chair is made of mesh fabric that will bring you a feeling completely clear.

The chair is designed with the main color black. Black is very suitable for both male gamers and female gamers. This gives the gamer personality when sitting.

Speakers and Wireless of X Rocker Gaming Chair

Nowadays, X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 Audio Commander 2.1 has two speakers and a subwoofer.

It is designed according to the AFM Technology 2.1. Gamers also will have a total immersion experience with the sound entirely. When I have a new duty, it’s hard to stop playing.

In addition, the subwoofer will bring to you a soulful sound. The bass makes the sound more lively.

Moreover, this chair has exciting wireless. X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 Audio Commander 2.1 includes both wireless receiver and wireless transmitter with RCA stereo outputs.

You can play music from a variety of sources. You also can connect with many other chairs you want! A more wonderful experience you can get while connecting the chair with other chairs.

The flexibility of the X Rocker Gaming Chair

X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 has a well-organized control panel on the right-hand side. All the buttons are separate so that you can control the volume, bass, and vibrations easily.

Moreover, X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 is foldable easily. Then you can store it when you do not play. In addition, the chair is not heavy, so you can move the chair from one place to another without any help.

In addition, X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 is made from polyester material so that you can easily clean them. It will save time a lot for you.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Reviews on other websites would be also useful to help you get to know more about X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201. I believe that you can also choose the best gaming chair for you.

X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 Audio Commander 2.1 has earned 4.1 stars out of five on the Amazon website. This shows that people have a fancy for sitting on this gaming chair.

Cons of X Rocker Gaming Chair

  • Because of supporting for big chair entirely with a lot of functions, the power cord length of this chair is too short
  • The sound might be cut out if there are too many things happening in-game since it is trying to transfer too much sound at once.
  • The sound plays well when the volume is up above half.
  • Some clients complain that the armrests constantly fall off.
  • The color of the chair is just black so that gamers don’t have other color options


In summary, X Rocker Gaming Chair 5142201 Audio Commander 2.1 is a workhorse that gamers should have. The chair will bring you very comfortably to sit.

It will try to correct your posture while you play a game. Additionally, it is equipped with speakers and a subwoofer. You’ll be interesting to hear great sounds from the speakers.

After reading this review on gaming chairs, I believe you have not wasted 5 minutes of your life. A chair that includes so many functions that will be worth spending money to own.

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